Friday, January 10, 2014

~ Plotting & Planning ~

New Years Postcard | Lavender & Twill

It’s 2014 already… Whew. That was expeditious!  There hasn’t been altogether that many big events this year ~ particularly blogging wise ~ bar one which tends to eclipse all. Namely, the birth of our second child, Isabelle.

I had a few sewing goals for 2013 that I didn’t meet ~ I only managed to sew a miserly total of two garments last year. A circle skirt at the beginning of the year, and a dress in the week before Christmas… I was actually surprised that I managed to sew a whole dress in four days {barring the hem} and in the week before Christmas as well! That is a record for me, it usually takes me at least a month to complete a large garment like that. {NB: Babies and toddlers don’t really respect a Mama’s wish for large chunks of time. Lol.}

Still, my sewing plans will be another post, this one is going to be about my New Year’s Resolutions planning.

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~ My New Years Resolutions ~

2014:  My personal goal ~ To focus on cooking healthy and regular meals. 

I have briefly mentioned the healthy eating thing on my blog before, but I really can’t tell you how much we’ve been teetering back and forth on this. The amount of take away that we eat is positively shameful, not to mention completely and utterly ridiculous.  That has to stop. Even though my husband can eat what-so-ever he likes and still loose weight if he doesn’t exercise, it’s not healthy for him, and it’s certainly not healthy for me, let alone the children.

We’ve both made a serious commitment to a healthy, balanced diet that steers away from grains and pretty much cuts out processed sugars. It’s not completely implemented yet, but baby steps and we’ll get there. Starting with cutting back the take away! 

~ ♡ ~

2014:  My skills goal ~ To learn more graphic art skills and computer illustration skills.

My husband and I would like to team up and create some interactive children's books. I’d do the story writing and illustration, and he’d do the coding as he is a software developer with a passion for creating great apps {not just the smart phone/tablet kind ~ apparently all computer programs are also called ‘applications’}.

I think that it’s feasible to release at least one story this year, but I want to create the art on the computer from scratch ~ rather than fiddling backward and forwards with pencil/pen sketches that tend to take a fair amount of time to clean up before they are sharp enough for digital use.

~ ♡ ~

Ring in at midnight with vintage cheer | Lavender & Twill

That ended up being short and sweet! I do have other schemes and designs for the year ahead, but most of those involve the whole family and read more like goals rather than resolutions.

Plus, my reasoning is that if I keep my resolution list small it will be easier to achieve. Particularly as resolutions often involve breaking old habits and creating new ones which is never easy at the best of times, let alone when you are trying to do five, or six or more {!} at once.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do you believe in NYRs, or prefer to make some goals, or maybe just wing it? I’d love to hear what you are up to!



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  1. Further your graphic art and computer illustration skills is an awesome goal for the coming year.

    ♥ Jessica



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