Monday, March 10, 2014

~ A Story of a Girl & Her Rainbow Be-Ribboned Handbag ~

Part 1: Waiting | Lavender & Twill
…He said he’d meet me at the corner of West Wembley and Adelaide Lane…

Part 2: Is that you over there? | Lavender & Twill
…Is that him? I can see a familiar face…

Part 3: *sigh* Please come... | Lavender & Twill
…*sigh* I hope he hasn’t forgotten about me…
  Part 4: Better check my makeup! | Lavender & Twill
I’ll just do a quick lipstick check ~ I want to look perfect for him…

Part 5: You're not coming, are you... | Lavender & Twill
It’s over an hour past our meeting time. He’s not coming, is he…

Part 6: Dispair | Lavender & Twill
… *silent tears*…

Part 7: I need to catch a cab | Lavender & Twill
…I guess I had better catch the trolley home…

Part 8: What's this? | Lavender & Twill
…What’s that you say Rainbow Be-Ribboned Handbag? Let’s go on an adventure together?…

Part 9: Well... | Lavender & Twill …Well…. Okay…

Part 10: Freedom!  *wheeee* | Lavender & Twill        …*takes off* Wheeee!…

~   ♡  ~

*This picture-story post idea was inspired by Rochelle of Lucky Lucille. She wrote a great Photography Tips article and one of the things that really stood out to me was the idea of telling a story with your photos. Now, I always try to do that with my artistic photography, but not so much with my outfit shoots. And I thought, well, why not?

So here it is ~ my Mary-Poppins-inspired, 1940s-styled, tale of a Rainbow Be-Ribboned Handbag and a Girl that stops waiting on her Prince Not-So-Charming!*  



~   ♡  ~

Crochet Pink & Beige Hair Rose | Me Made, 2011
40’s Floral Shirtwaist Dress | Ebay
Rainbow Be-Ribboned Handbag | Forever New, 2012
Camel Penny Loafers | Big W, 2011

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  1. What a whimsically fun and delightfully creative way to highlight a series of outfit photos. Love it - and what you're wearing, beautiful lady!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! Your comments always brighten my day. I did have a lot of fun with this story idea ~ I think it's something I will definitely have to visit again. \(^ u ^)



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