Sunday, April 20, 2014

~ Off On An Adventure ~

A blouse and a boater hat make a lovely combination | Lavender & Twill Take a girl and put her in a forest | Lavender & Twill

It's a great day for adventures | Lavender & Twill

And a handy satchel for important things like a compass and lipgloss | Lavender & Twill
 Glitter sandals add the perfect sparkle | Lavender & Twill

This kind of look never fails to make me feel like I’m ready to jaunt off on an adventure ~ straw boater hat? Check! That will keep off the sun.

Handy satchel purse? Check ~ that will leave my hands free for photography and shopping. Comfortable, yet stylish traveling attire? Check ~ I wouldn’t want to LOOK like a tourist after all!

Lastly, sturdy, comfortable and cute footwear? Check! I have just the pair of shoes ~ jelly wedges. Naturally with added glitter of course!  (✿◠‿◠)ノ*:・゚✧゚・:*✩ *:・゚

Sadly, I’m not actually off on any adventures of the traveling variety any time soon, but I do love to wear this style of outfit when I’m going to the park with the family, or even grocery shopping {minus the hat}.

It is useful to be able to boil down your more ‘extravagant’ looks into some thing simpler.  Exhibit A: an outfit you would wear on a date, or out to town, or to a more formal event ~  in my case, this might involve a dress, nylons, high-heels, some sort of pin curl set or up-do, jewelry, a coat and gloves, or a hat, and possibly a crinoline.

By selecting certain elements out of your favorite outfits and substituting them, you can reduce the glamour and elevate the comfort. For instance, a skirt instead of a dress, cute flats instead of heels, a hat & hair bow instead of a fancy hair-do, and voilà! You condense your elegant style into a casual, day-to-day outfit.  This way, you can still feel that you look ‘like you’ but on a day-to-day level that is easier to wear when you are more active ~ like chasing around after babies say…   …….(((「・ヮ・)「 *glomp*

Run Isabelle! Run! | Lavender & Twill Where extra jewelry and high heels are definitely a disadvantage!

Of course, you can reverse this trend as well, taking your favorite elements from a casual look and glaming it up, but as this often involves switching out jeans and a cardigan for slacks and a blazer, I think this is a more modern look and I tend to steer clear of such trendy styles.    °(^ᴥ^)°

All that’s left to cover is your input now! So what’s your favorite go-to look for traveling and otherwise active activities?



~   ♡  ~

Straw Boater Hat | SES, Old
Swiss Dot Peasant Blouse | Thrifted
1950’s Floral Circle Skirt | Made by Me, 2013
Tan & Canvas Satchel Purse | E-Spirit, Old
Watermelon Jelly Wedges | eBay

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  1. Splendidly pretty outfit and photos! I often look at the daily outings of life as little adventures unto themselves as well and did a somewhat similar post of my own (in which I called myself an "intrepid urban explorer" back in 2012).

    Your shoes, I just have to add, are so fabulously pretty!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. A lovely way to look at life's little adventures, dear Jessica. It's wonderful to have such a positive point of view. ♥



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