Monday, May 26, 2014

༺ Currently: Upheaval ༻

‘Currently’ posts are a little snapshot of the events that are occurring in my day-to-day life. These episodes feature photos from my Instagram, do come and say “Hi!” if you are around. Also, if you would like to participate in this feature yourself, please feel free! I’d love to read your posts, so don’t forget to leave a link.  ♡



The “Emily of New Moon” trilogy by L.M. Montgomery.  I adore her “Anne” books, and the “Emily” books, and will always keep coming back to read these. I have read them since I was a girl, and they never grow old. I adore Anne’s imagination, and Emily’s passion for her writing craft ~ to quote Anne {spelt with an ‘e’} Shirley, if those girls were in the flesh and living next door to me, I feel certain we would be ‘bosom buddies’ for life.

P.S. ~ I discovered whilst writing this post that a LOT of L. M. Montgomery’s books are available for free! This is simply epic! Find a copies at Feed Books in the Public Domain section, and at Project Gutenberg Australia by searching for L. M. Montgomery. Alternatively, look for them in the Kindle shop, as I do believe a lot of Public Domain works are available on there.



If the house will sell. If the house will sell. If the house will sell.  Yes, it’s kind of a theme around our little blue abode at the moment.



That my Mister really is the best Mister a gal can have, and I know that his love and support make this journey one that is no less difficult, but something that is worth while despite the hardship.



Toasties. {aka ~ toasted sandwhiches}

Same filling every time; ham & cheese. I have found a delicious Gluten Free bread available at my local super market, and it is yummy. Plus, toasties are easy to make and are enjoyed by the whole family ~ including Isabelle {she munches on my crusts}. It’s a winner.



Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, and Fireman Sam. Joking! {not really…} Actually, the Mister and I are very much enjoying watching 19 Kids and Counting at the moment. We have simple tastes when it comes to the shows we choose to watch, so we don’t ever really get into the popular programs.



Whipping the house into shape. And that’s about it. I have packed up everything that I could that we didn’t use in day to day life, and with that pile of stuff was my art, crafts, and everything creative supplies! I did leave out a few things so that I wouldn’t go completely mad, and of course, I still have my camera and laptop. But the sale of the house eclipses all and any plans I have, so that’s really been where my energy has been devoted to.



A tidy house and neat yard {prepping for inspections is stressful, but you do get the nice reward of a pristine, sparkling home to enjoy afterwards!}. A few of my new wardrobe pieces. Cozy fires to snuggle up to. Special mugs for my tea. ❤ Pastel cotton-candy pink, and baby soft mint green. Gold accents. Jelly flats. DIY GEL NAIL POLISH MANICURES!



To not completely crumble into a smokin’ hot mess of stress with all the upheaval and schedule shuffling, and that thing, you know, where we try to sell our house for a price that is not going to leave us out of pocket. *deep breath



To stop breaking myself and be able to get on with it! I have been struggling a little with  loads of late nights that sap my energy, and a recently sprained ankle that hasn’t helped. I have had a less than stellar run in terms of health recently.  



Cleaning, and loads of it. Not much else really!


(‘Currently’ post inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet’s feature and Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee!)



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  1. It sounds as if we have so much in common! I too adore the Anne books. In fact I have the whole series on my bookshelf. And 19 kids and counting..... Oh my! I think they are such a neat family. I don't have television but we watch episodes on YouTube and keep up with their blog. Do you have a home ready to move into once you sell your house? Are you staying in Australia? Sorry for the questions! Just rather curious. Merry from

    1. Oh, that's so neat! I love finding friends with the same taste in books! ❤ We watch the show on Netflix, a bit easier than Youtube I find. We try not to watch too much tv, it IS such a time sink, but it can be helpful sometimes too; all depending on the content you are watching of course.

      Actually, we do pretty much have a place to move into; we are most likely moving into a friend's of our place whilst they are overseas. But this is only for a few months. We are then planning at some point in the near future to go over to South East Asia and live there for a year or two while my Husband starts up his own business. .... So! Big adventures planned. We have to see how we get on. ❤

      And the questions are quite alright, any time. :D



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