Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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Circle skirts & cardigans for comfortable maternity style | Lavender & Twill

A 1950's vintage maternity look | Lavender & Twill

Statement broaches add an interesting touch to a netural cardigan | Lavender & Twill

Bump progress - 19 wks + 3 days and still rocking on | Lavender & Twill

I adore the slimmer silhouette of the 1940’s attire, but let’s face it. You ain’t gonna squeeze this bump into the tiny waists and slender hip-skimming skirts that were so popular to that era. So I end up diving into the 1950’s for most of my maternity looks ~ particularly towards the latter end of the pregnancy.

Like this boxy knit cardigan I picked up just the other day. It’s totally modern retail, but with that delightful “swing” jacket look that just speaks 1950s and does wonders for covering over growing babies.  ()    I’ve been wearing it non-stop, but not for too much longer, because the weather is surely starting to warm up.

With summer on the way, it’s become quite clear to me that there is one wardrobe gap I need to fill ~ circle skirts! Elastic waists provide a lot of comfort for as long as they can slip over the baby bump, but I am thinking the way to go might be elastic waists with a clasp. It’s the best of both worlds, and it’ll keep me in the skirts for that much longer.

I’m now hoping that I can add ‘sewing two circle skirts for summer’ to my list of things to do, and at about 3 hours to whip up from woe to go, I might just be able get them done. Though I still have Isabelle’s baby blanket to finish crocheting and I haven’t started on the blanket for bubba number 3! 

….Oh dear…  ﴾͡๏ ̯͡ ๏﴿ 

Time for a quick quilting project methinks. I’ve never pieced a quilt before, but surely quilting a baby blanket will be quicker than knitting or crocheting one? Right??! ….

One can only hope! (๑→ υ ←)



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  1. This is adorable bump style! I've never sewn a quilt before, so I can't offer advice there I'm afraid, but it does seem like it would be faster!



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