Monday, November 3, 2014

༺ Pink Petal ༻

Spring style of pink and roses | Lavender & Twill
Maternity style in a reproduction 50's tea rose dress | Lavender & Twill
Baby bump at 26 weeks along | Lavender & Twill

Straw hat, lace, roses and pink gloves add a touch of vintage accent | Lavender & Twill

This fabulous 1950’s reproduction tea rose dress never fails to brighten my day with it’s perfect profusion of petals and pink fabric! I wore it to church this Sunday, and I’m so happy it still fits over the baby bump. Not many of my ‘regular’ dresses do any more, but that’s hardly surprising I suppose! (*◠。◠*)

What I am also loving are all the wonderful roses I have blooming in my garden at the moment. That’s why you are being treated with lots of different angles of my front yard ~ rose bushes included. (- ヮ •) ~ ❤

It also means I can wander out my front door whenever I choose and cut as many roses as I please to sprinkle throughout my house.

This makes me even more sure that I am a ‘flower’ gardener, and not a vegetable gardener…

So the story goes that for my birthday last year I was given a vegetable garden from my in-laws. They helped dig, build and plant the garden for me as well as supplying the vegetable plants.

My veggie patch looked so grand and well organized for a least a month or so, but then…

The weeds came!

This happened while I was away for two weeks in a row, so lo and behold, I come home to a veritable jungle.

Then I was saying “Okay, I need to weed the veggie patch” for about five weekends in a row, and well…. I gave up before I got there….  (# ̄Д  ̄#)  *mega embarrassment*

A combination of having no idea how or where to start, plus having let it get so far away from me, meant I never really got into the veggie garden idea and discovered that I’m much better with bushes, trees or flowers.

Give me some secateurs and I’ll prune all the things, but weekly weeding is beyond me apparently. After all, you do only need to trim and shape maybe once or twice a year, so there is the whole time factor, not just “Weeds are scary!”   (¬_¬)

So what are your favorite things to grow?  Flowers, pot plants, herbs, plastic plants? A little bit of green is such a nice thing to have around I think…



༺ ♡ ༻

Pearl & Pink Bow Headband | Old, Woolworths
50’s Tea Rose Dress in Pink | eBay
Floppy Straw Lace Band Hat | Kmart, Current
Pink Summer Gloves | Vintage, Etsy
Lace Petticoat | Thrifted
Summer Straw Wedge | Old, Big W

༺ ♡ ༻

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  1. You look so beautiful! This is gorgeous dress and a great bump outfit, once again :)

    Although I am not the greatest weeder either, and I do well with native shrubs and other hardy things that require little attention from me, I find I am much more motivated by vegetable gardening because of the great rewards! My general gardening philosophy is to try growing something, see if it survives my less-than-perfect attentions. If it does - keep growing that! If not - try something else! It works pretty well :)

    1. Aw, thanks dear!

      Little attention equals awesome in my books; but yeah. What I forgot to mention was that I lost most of my tomatoes to the weeds and bugs - but hey! At least I had parsley! :D

  2. You are a vision of radiant loveliness in this elegant, sweepingly feminine floral frock.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Bonita, you are a darling princess on this outfit! I bet the Lord was pleased to see you on Sunday :)

    It is my dream to have a house with a garden. And I would love to grow flowers! I love flowers so much. The colors, and parfume of roses - ahh ;o)

    Beta xx

    1. The colours and perfume of roses indeed ~ some have the most delightfully sweet scents, and they are so pretty! One of my favourite flowers, and thankfully, relatively easy to grow. :)

  4. this dress looks wonderful on you! you teamed it right with the wide flared cotton slip!

    1. Thanks hun! I do love this lace trimmed slip, it goes beautifully with so many of my dresses. :)



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