Wednesday, December 10, 2014

༺ Sassy Pants ༻

Sassy Pants - retro 1950's maternity flare | Lavender & Twill 
Got wedges and sunglasses for summer style | Lavender & Twill   Ready for a day in the sun | Lavender & Twill   Bump watch - 31 weeks 3 days | Lavender & Twill

This is what I wore to take my children to the dentist for their very first checkups. Then we had to hustle around for some Christmas shopping, spend some time at the post office, and well, just generally bustle about.

Sometimes I feel that as an expecting mother, I shouldn’t be running around in heels and red lipstick. After all, I have one large bump and two little ones in tow. Somehow it just doesn’t feel like I *should* be wearing an outfit like that. Then I put on my sassy pants and trot it out anyway. Vintage style is always elegant, no matter what you look like!

But I must confess, even though these shoes look great with this outfit, they really weren’t the best choice for all that running about…

Oops!  Ever done that before?

It’s like “Ooooh! My feet are killing me - (> O <)’… Aren’t these shoes fabulous though??”

Haha! (=´ ‿ `=)

To be completely honest, I tend to go for a medium heel a lot more frequently these days, and my flats collection is steadily growing larger and larger.  I guess I just don’t have many places to wear super high heels too, so they’ve sort of fallen by the wayside in terms of placement in my shoe collection.

My collection is about 40% flat, 30% medium heel and 20% high heel ~ and I probably shouldn’t say how many pairs I have….

Oh, all right….

You’ve convinced me.

The count is currently at 47 pairs.  This doesn’t include specialty pairs like snowboarding boots, riding boots, soccer shoes, etc.

But I love them all!    Heehee….



༺ ♡ ༻

Glam Up Sunglasses |  Zenni Optical
Vintage Silver Bows Necklace | Etsy
Gingham Baby Doll Top | Kmart, Current
Basic Denim Capris | Crossroads, Old
Gingham Picnic Wedges | Modcloth, Old

༺ ♡ ༻

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  1. Gorgeous! Rocking the bump, as usual :) And wear heels if you want to! I personally am not fond of high heels, and low heeled shoes are rarely as pretty as the higher ones, so I mostly wear flats. Probably for the best during pregnancy, as my already-not-great coordination went even lower!

    1. Haha! Sometimes I wonder if heels are the best choice for me when I'm pregnant for the same reason ~ I get sooo clumsy when expecting! Although this time 'round I do seem to be doing a little better; sprained ankles aside.... :P

  2. May I just say how much I adore both this outfit and your hair's length/style in these shots. You look so very pretty, my dear! And you've got me wanting a similar short sleeve checkered/oversized gingham shirt to pair with my own beloved denim capris (they're my only pair of non-repro denim, but they do a decent job of looking the 50s part and unlike most modern denim, actually fit me well) next summer. Definitely something I'll be thrift store hunting for this winter and spring.

    Big hugs & tons of happy holiday season wishes to you, sweet gal!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh, thank you dearest! As always your sweet comments make me smile and brighten my day. ❤

      I can't wait to see your take on this outfit, and I'm thinking your idea sounds brilliant. I might have to replicate my own non-maternity version of this look. I do love me some gingham!! : 3

  3. But the shoes are so pretty... and definitely just wear what you feel like wearing, who says there's 'rules'! I seem to always go for mid-heels these days - there's just some part of me that can't tolerate the pain of high ones anymore. I feel like those days are behind me! And some mid-heels are so comfy these days... especially if they have a hidden platform too! CC x

    1. Yes, hidden platforms for the win! I am all for anything to ease a little bit of that height factor, and some of my favorite shoes have padding in the soles. I love those ones so much, they are so squishy and perfect. :D

  4. You look so charming dear Bonita. And yes, your shoes are too pretty to not to wear them! :o)

    Beta xx

    1. Teehee, that's what I tell myself... No pain no gain right? :P



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