Tuesday, March 24, 2015

༺ Goldenrod ༻

Vintage 1950's fashion - waist cinching belt, straw boater hat, and a wrap dress | Lavender & Twill
Vintage 1950's style for postpartum mothers | Lavender & Twill
Matching 1950's accessories - hat, gloves, jewelry, belt and shoes | Lavender & Twill
Autumn leaves, a straw hat and vintage style | Lavender & Twill
Vintage yellow enamel hat novelty brooch | Lavender & Twill

Vintage yellow straw boater hat with ribbon | Lavender & Twill

We are almost one month into autumn and the leaves are falling fast. Everywhere I look there are goldenrod carpets of crunchy, crisp foliage scattered beneath shaggy, half-naked trees.

Autumn is my favourite season ~ the late roses come into bloom, and brisk breezes cool the morning and evening skies. Fall days slip by, as glided beads sliding off string, and so time turns ever on.

In Australia, autumn weather is usually quite mild, and I’m lucky enough to still be enjoying my summer dresses, and my summer hats, including this new-to-me, vintage daisy yellow boater.

I had placed a bid for it on eBay, and then I spied this super cute, yellow enamel hat novelty brooch and knew I had to get that as well ~ all the matching pieces!  (^ε ^) ♡

Yellow isn’t a colour that features very heavily in my wardrobe. This dress is my one and only “yellow” dress that looks a lot more like cream with a hint of butter, but I like the effect of the yellow and caramel accessories with it ~ I think this combination works well. 

All that being said, after wearing this yellow straw boater I have realized that I don’t actually know whether it will work with the rest of my wardrobe! I did have a certain look in mind when I bought the hat, but I’m not sure that I considered the “wider” wardrobe picture when purchasing it.  This is kind of a problem, as I don’t really want to keep a hat that I can only wear with one dress. 

I don’t actually know what I might do with it.  I could keep it, but I’m not really wanting to waste the space on a ‘one look’ hat. I really only have the wardrobe space, and the time, for versatile items. I have a few vintage pieces like this ~ ones that don’t quite fit right, or that I’m not really keen on anymore. I think I might sell them, but I’m not sure where or how. eBay? Etsy? Instagram?? {Actually, I don’t have enough followers to sell through Instagram} Or maybe I could do a giveaway??? 

All these questions I’m pondering, and I’m curious ~ have you ever bought vintage only to realize you don’t know if you’ll get enough wear out of it?  Have you ever bought vintage online that you discovered you didn’t like after it arrived?  What would you do with vintage you didn’t want?



༺ ♡ ༻

Vintage Daisy Straw Boater Hat | eBay
Vintage Yellow Enamel Hat Brooch | eBay
Buttercream Wrap Dress | Thrifted
Vintage Buttercream Gloves | Gifted
Caramel Laced Belt | eBay
Caramel Penny Loafer Heels | Big W, Old

༺ ♡ ༻

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  1. Oh! Your outfit is SO pretty! Love the red & yellow... and the matching hat pin & hat :)


  2. Hehee, me too! Matching outfits and jewelry is a lot of fun. Yay novelty brooches! XD

  3. You look just gorgeous!! Your outfit is dreamy - the colors and the style are perfect, and go well with the beautiful surroundings!! :)
    Beautiful outfit, Bonita!! Your hat is so cute too, not to mention the brooch. :)

  4. I love this outfit! The colours work beautifully together and that hat pin is adorable.
    I've recently had some luck selling clothes on eBay, but I find that buyers on eBay are really out to snag a bargain whereas those on Etsy are looking for something unique and are a bit more willing to pay for it.. I think eBay is great for when you need to get rid of a lot of stuff quickly (like I did), but Etsy would be more for if you want to take your time and have the right person pay the right price for it. Definitely pros and cons for both!

  5. Oh, thanks for sharing that advice Taygan! Personally, I'm probably just out to sell off some pieces sooner rather than later, so I'll keep that in mind. Bargain hunting eBay it is! :D

  6. This is such a wonderfully lovely outfit - I'm not exaggerating when I say that it made me swoon. The colours meld together like caramel sauce on a yellow cake and make me year for days warm enough to sport something even slightly similar.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. You look sooooo adorable!!! I'm loving this look and the color. I have to admit I buy things all the time and think "Hang on, what am I gonna wear this with?". LOL! I think I always end up buying extra things to wear with it - I'm such a horrible consumer :( But I agree it's probably worth it trying to sell it through Instagram or something? A giveaway will also be amazing - or *cough* you can *cough* just give it to me...

  8. I think there must be lots more things you can wear a yellow boater with - I find yellow a really versatile colour. Honestly, just try putting it with random colours, you'll be surprised! If you have any dresses that are monochrome it would be such a great statement piece with them in particular... I love how you've styled it here - is it not worth keeping just to wear this outfit again..? Surely?? I think you've hit on the reason I don't buy much vintage though - so often pieces are so unique and they just don't work with any of my wardrobe, so I talk myself out of buying them... CC x

  9. Your outfit is so bright and cheery, and looks positively gorgeous on you! I just can't get over how perfectly your brooch and your hat match. :D

    I have bought a few things that didn't go with anything I had at the moment in my wardrobe. But, I just let them sit for a few years, and as I built up my wardrobe, replacing worn out things with new, etc. suddenly I had a gazillion outfits to wear with said piece. For example: I bought a straw hat with a lovely red velvet ribbon and funny straw flower. It didn't go with ANYTHING (yes. Not one single thing) I had, but I still loved it. A few years later, I had made myself a 1940s dress, and was trying to figure out what hat to wear with it. When I tried on my straw hat, it was totally meant to be. It was as if it had been waiting for that dress to be worn with it. :)
    However, f I were selling vintage, I think Instagram might be the way to go, but definitely promote it on your blog if you want people to find out about it before hand.

  10. Aww, your little brooch is so cute! Love how happy and summer-y this outfit is. Makes me want sunshine!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  11. That is the bonus for living in such a warmer climate; you get to wear your summer dresses practically three seasons of the year ~ give or take a few months depending on whether it's a hot or cool year. :)

    Mind you, then we miss out on all those pretty snow pictures. I know my northern friends may find this crazy, but it's on my bucket list to take outfit photos in the snow at least once! :D

  12. Haha, that's what I end up doing half the time as well! I'm just like "Oops, bought a navy hat, have nothing to wear it with... Oh well! Buy all the navy things!"

    I would like to do a giveaway at some point, maybe for L&T's second year blogversary? :) Lol. We could do that meet up at some point, and then I wouldn't even have to post it - ooh! I have a good idea! An outfit post where we swap accessories! Now that would be fun! :D

  13. You've convinced me CiCi! I do really like the hat ~ I adore straw, boaters, and long ribbons, so it really is a great piece.
    It's just the "yikes! I don't have any yellow to wear with it" thing that got me! But like you said, it might go with more that I realize, because I haven't even tried with any other outfits yet. So there is that... :)

    I think that's a really great point though ~ the uniqueness of vintage can either be a drawing card or a turn off, and it probably all depends on personal style as to how that works out. Definitely food for thought!

  14. Great point Brigid! As a collector who loathes to throw things from my collections away, I forget that a wardrobe is not a static collection, but more like a growing reflection of my own personal journeys and lifestyle. It changes and flows ~ it has to to keep up with my life changes!

    If you really like an item, maybe it doesn't matter if you don't have anything to wear with it right now, because if you continue to like it, high chances are that you will have something to wear with it later on! :D

    There are still some vintage things I need to sell on though ~ they just don't fit in my wardrobe anymore... :)

  15. Thank you Michelle! Certainly these last days of sunshine have been super enjoyable. I really love autumn sun!

  16. Eeeepp a meet up and we can take outfit posts together! And yes definitely can swap stuff with you - I can't possibly take everything to London hahaha :)

  17. Well then, if you are going to sell... do let us all know! I'm sure at least some of us will snap up anything you don't want anymore. ;D

  18. Haha, will do! I know I'm always the same when there's vintage being sold off ~ I'm just like "Oooh! Pretties!" XD

  19. :P Yes! Gee, I hadn't thought of that though ~ trying to move a whole vintage wardrobe overseas. That would take a bit of doing!

  20. I hope the other comments have indeed convinced you to keep this gorgeous hat - it is awesome!

    I have been thinking about getting rid of some vintage too. I don't have much, but I briefly just bought whatever I found if it vaguely fit or vaguely appealed to me, and I really shouldn't have!! I'd like to swap things or give them to people I know online rather than have the bother of selling them. I'm under the impression there may be some kind of online vintage swap groups but I don't know any more than that. It seems like it would be good.

    Also, I must finish my straw boater...

  21. Oh, you really should keep it! It's so ridiculously, wonderfully sweet on you! Really, this whole outfit is. You make me want to go boating. In, like, 1884. It's fabulous.

  22. Actually, I totally have been convinced. I did buy the hat because I liked it, so it wasn't that hard to be swayed into keeping it. Lol :D

    Vintage swapping, now that sounds like super idea! This is where I need to live close to a bunch of vintage lovin' gals and organize a clothes swap. Unfortunately, that seems to be one of those ~ If you could meet up/hang out with anyone, who would it be?" type situations.

    Do it! I want to see what you've made. (^ _^)

  23. Haha! That's awesome! I'm not a big boating person, but I could rock the picnic on the riverbank 1884 thing! >_<



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