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༺ WoreSawHaul: First Annual Aussie Vintage Girls Meetup ༻

Hello lovelies!  I’m so excited to tell you about the First Annual Aussie Vintage Girls Meetup!

Over the years that I have been blogging I have had the pleasure of meeting many fellow vintage fashionistas and enthusiasts from all over the world, some of whom have become very dear friends and some of whom are in my homeland!

I thought that it was high time that we had a chance to hang out together in person, so I organized a “Aussie Vintage Girls Meetup”! It was an event for vintage and retro lovers ~ so we had pinups and vintage girls all hanging out together.

We decide to meet in Sydney and attend the Round She Goes Market, so without further ado ~ here’s my WoreSawHaul of the day!


Wearing a me made 50s dress with mint and rose fabric | Lavender & Twill

1950's vintage style ~ and carrying my Collectif Strawberry purse | Lavender & Twill

Pink and mint 1950s vintage outfit | Lavender & Twill 
There’s a whole story about this dress I’m wearing, but I’m afraid it will have to wait for the Stitching Stories post on it... However, here’s a teaser ~ I wanted to burn the darn thing before I was through with it!!   (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Thank you WTP for taking these photos!

༺ ♡ ༻

Cotton Candy Roses Hat | Gift from Tanith 
Pearl Drop Earrings | Thrifted
Pansy Pearl Necklace | Valentine's Day Gift, 2010
Rose and Mint 50’s Repro Dress | Me Made, Nov 2015
Collectif Strawberry Handbag | Birthday Gift, 2015
Crinolines | eBay
Watermelon Glitter Jelly Wedges | eBay

༺ ♡ ༻


The First Annual Aussie Vintage Girls Meetup ~ Photo curtsey of Harlow Darling | Lavender & Twill         ~ Little Henry Lee, Harlow Darling, Me, Curve Creation, A Wild Tea Party ~  

The First Annual Aussie Vintage Girls Meetup ~ Photo curtsey of Harlow Darling | Lavender & Twill
~ A fairly standard candid shot of the day: Myself and WTP being silly and dramatic over something, Harlow being glamorous and perfect, LHL being the cool cat of the group and Tanith is making sure that we aren’t getting into too much mischief!  :P  ~

The First Annual Aussie Vintage Girls Meetup ~ Photo curtsey of Harlow Darling | Lavender & Twill
~ Harlow taking photos of all us girls ~ it’s Tanith’s turn here! ~

It was a big day that we had planned! It ended up with six of us attending the event ~ A Wild Tea Party, Harlow Darling, Little Henry Lee, Curve Creation, Tanith Rowan Designs {plus her gorgeous little Teacup!} and myself with my own Little Lottie tagging along in the pram.

We had a grand time at the Round She Goes Market ~ sooo much shopping to be had!  Then it was time for lunch, but Corner Smith Cafe didn’t have any room so we walked back to the Ritz schlepping our bags and bags of shopping and all the umbrellas. After all the nommy food we went back to Marrickville Town Hall where we took photos together in between the rain, and had a good chat! Unfortunately, then we sadly had to say goodbye to most of our party, but WTP and I bravely went back for a second round of shopping at the market before it shut and great some last minute bargains, before we popped off to have some cocktails because by that time we were pooped!

The Aussie Vintage Girls Crew! | Lavender & Twill
  ~ With the girls that sparked it all ~

༺ ♡ ༻


Sooo many things! 

I was really surprised and please to see that the Round She Goes Market had a great mix of pricy and cheaper items ~ and I managed to find quite a few bargains that landed me with a ton of goodies to bring home!

Vintage Dresses from the Da Vintage Code | Lavender & Twill

I scored three dresses ~ $15.00, $20.00 and $15.00 respectively, and while yes, they do have some flaws, I thought for that price you can’t go too wrong!

The grey dress has blue and white flowers on it, and it’s original sash belt!  (◕ o ◕)!! The white dress with violet and yellow flowers on it proved to be a tad too small, but I can fix that and make it wearable ~ phew! These two 1940s dresses are actually ‘twins’ ~ they are made from the same pattern, just with different fabrics! Both of them need the elastic replaced in the sleeve caps but that is also an easy fix.

The last one is a late 1950s/early 1960s dress in cotton sateen with a blue rose reverse boarder print. This one comes with it’s own petticoat and is so soft and comfortable to wear I can easily see me wearing this all the time! I just love it!

Mind you, it has some stress pulling on the front darts and a hole in the skirt I have to fix, so it needs some work as well, but I’m so happy with the fit and comfort factor that I really am excited for this dress anyway!  All of my dresses where found at Da Vintage Code’s stall, and they are a fabulous addition to my wardrobe!

 Haul from the 2015 Round She Goes Market | Lavender & Twill

I also found a neat vintage knit top which is in excellent condition ~ a rare find indeed as good, wearable vintage knits are notorious for being difficult to come by. I picked up a Collectif Doris top that had had the zipper replaced so it was super cheap at $10.00!

Also, a vintage 50s white straw hat with velvet navy ribbon called my name and slipped into my bag to come home with me… Still haven’t figure out how I’m going to wear it ~ I think a hat pin is required, but I don’t have one so I’ll have to put that on my shopping list!

Haul from the 2015 Round She Goes Market | Lavender & Twill

Lastly I found some gorgeous art deco leaf earrings with my favourite settings ever ~ marcasite and pearls. I also found a silver locket bracelet which I promptly fell for, and couldn’t resist. The little red-eyed poodle was a gift for Lottie from a very sweet and generous stall holder who fell for her smiley charms! (•ᵕ ᴗ ᵕ•)❀

༺ ♡ ༻

All in all, we really had such a wonderful day, and I’m so glad I got the chance to meet some beautiful, lovely ladies ~ making new friends is always fun! And hopefully, we’ll be able to do it again! We are already planning next year’s meetup, so I feel like it might be a thing…  Hehee… \ (*≧ω≦)ノ

Have you ever gone to a vintage group meetup? What would be a good activity you’d like to do while hanging out together{besides shopping!}? I love shopping, but I feel like it’s not something you can do every time! Crazy talk, I know…   (╯°□°)╯*le gasp!*



༺ ♡ ༻

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