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༺ Road to Neverland ༻

Doll style and some thoughts | Lavender & Twill

Buds of May Dress - Dangerfield | Lavender & Twill

Sweet pink fashion, playful lolita looks | Lavender & Twill Sweet pink fashion, playful lolita looks | Lavender & Twill

On the road to Neverland ~ style choices | Lavender & Twill

Sweet pink fashion, playful lolita looks | Lavender & Twill

Doll style and some thoughts | Lavender & Twill

On the road to Neverland ~ style choices | Lavender & Twill

Sometimes you just want to be a unicorn princess. And sometimes I think I don’t want to grow up….

As a teen I always admired Japanese street fashions, and I think I’ve mentioned it here before, but I was really into the Gothic Lolita fashion {this was back in my monochrome days ~ so black was clearly the only acceptable colour}. It was something I’d never seen before, it was so different, so frilly ~ so… fun!

I never really had the chance to wear Goth Loli styles however. There wasn’t anywhere I could buy those kinds of clothes in Australia, and buying them from Japan was not only prohibitively expensive, but also super difficult ~  the wide range of online retailers you can find today weren’t around, plus translation and shipping issues where numerous.

I ended up buying myself my first Goth Loli outfit when I was in London, some years ago. I went shopping at the Camden Markets, and being a mecca for alternative style, I found a Lolita/Gothic Lolita shop and was so excited to see the fashions I’d wanted to wear for ages!

Did I ever wear the full fashion?

No, not really.

I did wear my outfit to a fancy dress party once, dressing as a magician’s assistant. I never dared to wear a full Gothic Lolita look. Yet, to this day, I still love the Lolita style ~ though I am far more drawn to Lolita and Classic Lolita fashions than the Gothic now. I might have moved on from my love for all-black-everything, but certainly not my love for alternative fashions!

Every now and then, despite being a Vintage Girl through and through, I still try out my favourite doll inspired styles. Sweet and girly are definitely two key words to my personal style ~ but I wonder if I’ll have to leave them behind as I grow older?

I know that there’s a lot of rhetoric about not letting age define us as women, being able to wear whatever you want ~ and I think that’s great! I also notice that there’s still a certain, mmm, age appropriateness going on?

Even vintage girls, outside of fashion trends and influences, seem to move away from the more ‘youthful’, sweet sixteen vintage looks as they go through life, and adopt the more ‘mature’, elegant vintage styles. I’m not saying that this has to be the way, or that it’s a bad thing. Those that do this, absolutely wear their chosen fashions with aplomb, and I think they look smashing!

I love that classic vintage fashion doesn’t rely on a woman’s age, or her looks, to create fabulous style ~ but rather the fact that she is a woman. Full stop. I feel that the impact of vintage fashion springs from our inherent femininity. And every woman has that ~ it’s just up to her how she wants to express it.

Even so, it feels like there is a necessity to not be “mutton dressed as lamb” ~ can you look silly wearing girlish style when you are indeed, a girl no longer?

Are you a vintage girl, or a vintage lady?

I wonder about these things, and what I’ll do when my children are all grown up. Whether I’ll still wish to dress like a unicorn princess, or want to be a more grown up version of a doll. Maybe I’ll start wearing historical costumes instead of sweet girly dresses! (❀◕ ‿ ◕❀)

I don’t feel a particularly pressing need to find an answer to these questions, but I do wonder. Maybe those changes will happen naturally, and I’ll slowly gravitate towards more classic looks. Or maybe I just don’t want to grow up, and one way for my feet to be forever on the road to Neverland will be through my wardrobe…



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Rose Hair Pins | Me Made, 2011
A Girly Hair Bow | Dollar Shop
Buds of May Dress | Dangerfield
Deeply Pink Vintage Brooch & Earring Set | Gift from my sweet friend, A Wild Tea Party
Canvas Underskirt in White | Pinup Girl Clothing
It’s-So-Fluffy-I-Could-DIE Unicorn Purse | Dollar Shop
Rose Garden Peep Toe Heels | Thrifted

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