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༺ In Retrospect of Easter Florals ༻

1940s vintage ensemble for Easter | Lavender & Twill

Vintage autumn look with 40s style | Lavender & Twill

1940s vintage ensemble for Easter | Lavender & Twill

1940s hair and a tilt hat | Lavender & Twill

Vintage autumn look with 40s style | Lavender & Twill

Vintage wicker and lucite purse details | Lavender & Twill

It’s late for an Easter outfit post, but I have photos of Easter outfit, and although they were not actually taken at Easter, here we are nonetheless…

The actual photos I took of this outfit on Good Friday were, to put it lightly ~ rubbish. I was tired, the sun was sinking faster than sand through an egg timer, the light was fading as only on-the-cusp-of-winter light can, and to top it off, my hair was poufy and frizzy!

I have learned that many things can be amiss with outfit photos {such as above ~ my top being all twisted from being tucked in crooked}, collars uneven, wrinkled skirts, even smudged lipstick… *le gasp!* (◕ o ◕)!

But hair? Nope, no, nooooopppeeeee!

Bad hair looks bad from every angle, it’s impossible to miss, and it ruins any kind of shot except perhaps long distances ones, and you really can’t base an outfit post around those. So, lesson learned ~ you can get away with just about anything, but fluffy, frizzy hair is not going to be the exception! {Note to self: don’t forget the mousse and pomade next time. (///_///)’}

I did like my outfit though, so I simply wore it again next weekend ~ to a nephew’s 4th birthday party. Problem solved!

Well, sort of ~ can’t do much about the lateness…. Haha.

I am really feeling 1940’s style at the moment, and all I seem to want to wear is the practical, yet elegant, type of look. I think that it might be the change in season ~ for some reason I find that 1940s fashion draws me in much more during the cooler months. The knits, which I adore, the pants and oxford shoes ~ all of it sings of crisp air and fallen leaves and snow to me.

Plus, so many 40s fashions are created in plain, yet striking, jewel tones, and these are colours I am also particularly drawn to during autumn and winter. So I am really enjoying a darker range of shades at the moment ~ wearing all the navy, plaid, and even black nail polish!  The last of which is not accurate to the 1940s, but a lot of fun… Heehee.  (•́⌄•́๑)

It’s also influenced my wardrobe choices a lot. I bought this Hell Bunny skirt thinking from the pictures that it was an A-line shape, so when it arrived I was actually quite disappointed to find it was a full circle skirt! Thankfully, that was an easy fix, and I ran a seam on either side down the skirt to take in some fullness. I think, looking at the pictures, I might want to take the side seam in even more, so I do end up with an A-line.

I wore it with my favourite Robin {Freddie} top, and accessorized with vintage pink jewels, a 1950s vintage halo hat perched on my victory rolls as a tilt, and my 50s wicker purse with an amber lucite handle.

I have never used a vintage purse as my everyday handbag before ~ I am much too worried about ruining them. But this one seems to be really sturdy and is doing the job well! It makes me happy to carry it around with me, so it’s been a great little bag for everyday use.

And yes, that does mean that most of the other purses you see in my outfit posts are selected solely for wearing with that particular outfit. Many of them don’t come down from the top shelf in my closet very often, but I feel like it preserves them for longer, so I’d much rather do that, then wreck them from constant neglect.

Have you used a vintage purse for your everyday handbag before? I have trouble finding them big enough, or strong enough… My handbags have to be able to take such a beating! I’m too busy running around to be particularly precious with them, so that can be problematic... Still, once in a while you do find a vintage bag that can handle that kind of load, and when you do, it’s so awesome!



༺ ♡ ༻

1950s Pleated Halo Hat | Ooh La La!
Signature Rose Double in Apple Green | Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Deeply Pink Vintage Brooch & Earring Set | Gift from my sweet friend, A Wild Tea Party
Robin Knit Top in “Sage” by Collectif | Faster Pussycat, Sydney
Candy Pink Vintage Gloves | Love Vintage Market, Sydney 2011
Chocolate & Roses Skirt | Hell Bunny
1590s Amber Lucite & Wheat Wicker Purse | Ooh La La!
Tapestry Stockings | Old
Hunter Green Swinging Heels  | eBay

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