Friday, December 23, 2016

༺ Swan Lake ༻

Hell Bunny Dress - Vintage Inspired Style | Lavender & Twill

Hell Bunny Dress - Vintage Inspired Style | Lavender & Twill

Hell Bunny Dress - Vintage Inspired Style | Lavender & Twill

"Swan Queen" Boxy-Bag by Teacup Girl Art | Lavender & Twill

Hell Bunny Dress - Vintage Inspired Style | Lavender & Twill

Sydney University | Lavender & Twill

Hell Bunny Dress - Vintage Inspired Style | Lavender & Twill

Hell Bunny Dress - Vintage Inspired Style | Lavender & Twill

Hell Bunny Dress - Vintage Inspired Style | Lavender & Twill

Please don’t laugh at me, but I have kind of been obsessed with ballerinas and the idea of dancing ballet ever since I was a wee lass. It is the first thing I ever remember really, really, really  wanting to do.

I never did get the chance to dance ~ my mother thought my thighs would get fat when I stopped dancing {er, not true I don’t think? Also, why would you stop?} and that my feet would be ruined {true, true, completely true!}. So I was put into gymnastics instead, and for a long while wanted to be a competitive gymnast.

I stopped gymnastics when we moved from Armidale to Canberra, and took up horse riding. {Forever happy I did that! }

However, I have never truly stopped wanting to dance in the bottom of my heart. I sporadically dream I can dance en pointe, effortlessly gliding across light-filled, echoing ball rooms with flying jeté and ceaseless pirouettes.

Then I wake up, and for a moment, I live in the dream ~ only to feel fettered when I remember that my body doesn’t know how to move like that….

Buuuuttttt…  Sometimes that secret desire breaks through and I end up dancing around anyway.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this {I sure have while editing my blog pictures!}, but pretty much every time I’m doing a photoshoot in flats, the majority of the photo I’m up in demi-pointe, as high up on my tippy toes as I can be. I rarely take the pictures standing normally! Whoops… (=⌒_⌒=)'

This is particularly a problem if I’m wearing a floaty dress as well as flat shoes.

….Even more so if it’s a windy day when I’m wearing said floaty dress…

Which it most definitely was in these pictures!

That combination meant I spent eighty percent of this photoshoot on my toes. And I didn’t even notice!! I think it was pretty appropriate that I was wearing a “Swan Lake” inspired ensemble and even had a swan painted wooden box bag to match!

Anyway, if you recognize this outfit ~ yes, it is the one I was wearing on the day of this year’s AAVGM.

I had parked my car at Sydney University for the day, and when I was walking to the Rock’n’Roll Markets in the morning, I was walking past all these gorgeous buildings! I found the all the old English influence enchanting, and was longing to take some pictures, but I had to keep going.

However, when I was walking back to the car after saying goodbye to everyone, I thought ~ well, why not take some pictures before I hop in the car and drive home? It’s pretty much my only chance to do so ~ and that settled it.

I grabbed the camera and parked myself in front of the Old Lecturer’s Hall to take my pictures before the rain started blowing in. And when I was done, that was finally the end of my epic solo trip to Sydney.

Yes, I drove up by myself and to be honest, it’s been ages since I’ve done a solo long distance trip in the car {though, does my trip to Bowral count? …Nah ~ I think that was a mini warm up…}, and it was certainly was the first time I’ve done any real driving in Sydney. Does having a GPS count as cheating though?!

I couldn’t have done the trip without it; I’m a hopeless navigator and I tend to get a bit stressed when I’m driving in thick traffic in an unknown city! It’s as bad as trying to find a car park in a busy location when you are running late… Ugh.

But I didn’t have to deal with running late at all this trip which was also a high point for me ~ maybe my dreams of one day being perfectly organized and on time are actually possible!  And maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll learn to dance for real. (•ᵕ ᴗ ᵕ•)❀



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Retrimmed Straw Boater Hat | Old
Red Signature Double Roses | Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Swan Lake Hell Bunny Dress | eBay
Ruby Red Patent Belt | Thrifted
”Swan Queen” Boxy-Bag | Teacup Girl Art
Wine Red Lace Wrap Flats | Zulily

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