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༺ The Adventure Begins ༻

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We made it.

It’s been a bit of a wild ride to get here, and it certainly has taken us a few weeks to settle in, but I am very happy to say that we have finally begun our epic new adventure as a nomadic family in Thailand!

Of course, I hardly know where to begin ~ there has been so much happening and so many stories to tell…

I’ll try to keep it concise as I’m sure this post will get too long as it is!

{P.S. ~ I am sorry if you follow me on Instagram and have seen a lot of these photos already. I tend to take most, if not all, of my pictures on my phone and then share them so others can see too! But because they are the only photos I’m taking really at the moment, a lot of them are really raw, and the ones that aren’t where already shared. But I am using them here too.  :P }


- This was taken before we descended in luggage madness… There was no smiling trying to haul our ten bags and three little children forever away to the opposite side of the airport let me tell you!


- We tried a “Carry On Only” luggage experiment, but the determined very quickly {in about ten minutes flat!} that that would really only work for adults/kids that are big and old enough to take responsibility for their own bags. We shall be rejigging our luggage set up before we move again, that’s for sure!! And we will probably be going with two large suitcases to check in, and the rest is sort of up in air until we start repacking. We swapped the children’s backpacks out for Trunkis [small wheeled suitcases that the children can pull themselves or sit on and be pulled by an adult } at the airport { !! I finished repacking right as we got called to board!! (○ _ ○) } and found they worked much better. So we will keep the Trunkis, as they were very handy for carting around tired children through giant airports in the wee hours of the morning!


-  Landing in Krabi, and wowwww…… The humidity sweeps over you like a stifling, wet hot blanket of sauna steam…. You instantly sweat out of every pore in your body, and in one minute, your clothing is sopping.

It’s one of those things you have to experience to really understand how it is ~ I mean, I had read about it, heard about it, and knew it was a thing, but I really didn’t get it until I stepped out of that air conditioned airport!

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- By the roadside on Koh Lanta Island; these little Gas “Stations” are everywhere! Often in front of shops, restaurants and even in front of family homes! The locals use these to help boost their incomes.

Jungle views from the back of a taxiFirst adventures in a taxiFresh-Restaurant-ROT---Best-mango-shake-on-Lanta

- In a ‘taxi’ for our first adventure on Koh Lanta Island, Isabelle and Mama. A taxi in Koh Lanta is most often a ute {or pick up truck for my American friends} with seats along both sides of the tray and a short pipe frame covered with plastic for the roof, and clear plastic “windows” that can be pulled down if it is raining. It’s nicer to have the open sides for most of the time as there is no AC in the back and you need the cooler air to keep you from melting. And I must say, this is where being a tall Westerner, or “Farang” is a bit of a pain as there isn’t quite enough room to sit up straight and I get a bit of a backache at times! Or bump my head on the roof…

ROT Street Views 2ROT Street ViewsROT Street Views 3

- Street views in Royal Old Town, on the East side of Koh Lanta. This was once a major shipping port of Thailand, established by the Chinese over a hundred years ago. There is a lot of different cultural influences on Koh Lanta thanks to all the trading!

Beach hutThai HutsCat-Thai-Hut

- Different styles of Thai architecture: a beach-side Sala or small sitting hut, a woven palm leaf and bamboo huts, that are sometimes multiple stories, a simple hut that acts like a private sitting area for eating at one of our favourite restaurants.

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- Always colourful – everything in Thailand is vivid, bright and so colourful!

freshProcessed with VSCO with 6 presetThat time I ate a whole chilli and died

- The food is fresh and delicious, with lovely flavours – but be warned – they sure can pack a punch! That last dish on the end looks all innocent but I call it my “That time I accidentally ate a whole chilli and almost died” experience!

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Exploring on the ScooterProcessed with VSCO with q1 presetMonkkkkeeeyyyys

- So many things to see and explore ~ beaches, jungle, roads, huts, piers, and alleys, oh my! I have loved every minute of all the new discoveries…

Palm treePalm Tree SunsetSunsets

- Spectacular sunsets that are different every time, but always breathtaking.

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- Still playing around with vintage style, just working on the best ways to adapt it to extreme heat and humidity… In love with the light here, and the Birds of Paradise flowers, and even better, the awesome Thai patio furniture!

Thai Homescooters tooShoes off

- Common sights around Thailand, homes made out of concrete, rows and rows of scooters, and shoes off before you enter a nice, clean, tiled establishment.

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- Oh, but that sea is soooo beautiful! What a colour!

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- First family ride in a Tuk-Tuk… Fun and definitely a little crazy too!

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It’s a new chapter and the beginning of some really exciting stuff that I am looking forwards to {Working on my businesses!! And some fun stories! Haha!}, so I hope you will continue to join me as Lavender & Twill goes traveling throughout the tropics of South East Asia!  (❛▿❛✿)



P.S. ~ If you don’t follow my Instagram, @lavenderandtwill, you might like to as I have a lot more of the day to day adventures we are having there, and more snaps that don’t make it into my feed on Instastories.

༺ ♡ ༻
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