Saturday, July 28, 2018

༺ Palm Tree Sky ༻

Tropical palm fronds | Lavender & TwillWalking in our Moo Baan garden | Lavender & TwillA vintage inspired natutical look with navy stripes & tropical prints | Lavender & TwillVintage summer essentials - bamboo purses and brenton stripes | Lavender & TwillPalm fronds and a casual vintage summer style | Lavender & TwillDeer Arrow Octopus brooch and Betty Page tropical print skirt | Lavender & TwillVintage summer essentials - boater hats | Lavender & TwillA vintage inspired natutical look with navy stripes & tropical prints | Lavender & TwillVintage summer essentials - boater hats | Lavender & TwillA vintage inspired natutical look with navy stripes & tropical prints | Lavender & Twill

Here we are in our Moo Baan garden again!

I can’t decided if I’m just being a lazy blogger or the grounds of our Moo Baan are so pretty that it’s only fair to take lots of photos there… Hum.

This look was shot a couple of weeks ago when we had a rare sunny afternoon breaking through all the cloudy and rainy weather.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s still warm here, but the rainy season does tend to keep the sunshine hidden for most of the day.

But you didn’t come here to talk about the weather!!

It’s take me a long time to get around to posting these because one: I’m really busy at the moment, and two: I’m really struggling with my photography again.

Let’s get back to reason one in a little bit, but ugh…

It turns out that taking photos yourself means that even with the *best lens ever* I’m still struggling with lighting issues and all that.

Over the years I’ve been trying to move away from the filtered “Tumblr” style of photography {even though I still really love how it looks} and have been working on creating a crisp, fresh look to my photos. I want them to be pastel and light without looking completely washed out, over exposed or too hazy.

But I don’t know… That perfect look keeps eluding me and while I don’t mind so much how the photos are turning out for my blog, at the moment Instagram is a total editing nightmare!

I used to have good photos compared to a lot of what was out there, but either my editing style is too old school or my camera is letting me down, or.. something… I can’t figure it out, but I’ll keep trying to improve.

In the meantime, I am crazy busy as we chip away at our giant project!

I can’t remember how much I’ve spoken about this before, but one of the major reasons we decided to move to Thailand is so that we could get a decent start on creating our own family business. I will have more to say on it later, I kind of want to write a whole “big reveal” post!

For now, I will note that we are getting closer to launch day. That means I’m working my butt off like a turtle moving a mountain, but we are beginning finalize the first steps, and we are ticking off our mah-assive To Do list which feels pretty darn awesome I must say!!

Creating pretty outfits to wear is fairly low on that list, and currently I want stuff that is easy to throw on and go. I really loved this navy striped tee with the peter pan collar I found at Big C the other day. It’s cute and simple, and I love how this whole ensemble came together pretty quickly thanks to the inspiration!

I don’t often wear full nautical looks, which pretty hilarious as I adore navy, white, and red, and have tons of it in my wardrobe. While it can be typical of nautical fashions to heavily feature those colours, it also relies on certain themes in styling that I don’t wear. Sailor collars, nautical prints, fish, ships, and the like.

I did make an exception for this gorgeous tropical nautical print skirt from Betty Page as I totally loved the little palm trees and crabs and thought it was absolutely perfect for Thailand. Plus, it goes amazingly well with Deer Arrow’s Kurtis the Kraken.

While I don’t really do much nautical fashion, I do have a huge love for nautical themed brooches and cephalopods! Something about sea creatures are just so fascinating, so I’m glad I could find the perfect ensemble for debuting Kurtis on the blog.

Also, I’m kind of obsessed with all the straw hats ~ I was interested to see how this one is black but comes out navy in the pictures. I do actually need a proper navy straw hat though. I’m picky enough about matching that even though the black hat *looked*  navy, the fact that I know that it isn’t, bothers me quite a bit! I’m not sure if a girl can have too many hats, so I will happily accept the challenge of finding a true navy boater…



༺ ♡ ༻

Black Straw Boater | Thrifted
Kurtis the Kraken | Deer Arrow
Navy Days Tee | Big C
White Bamboo Purse | eBay
White Belt | Chiang Mai Street Market
Betty Page Tiki Tropical Skirt | Zulily
Burgundy T-Strap Flats | Lanna Expo ‘18

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