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Bernie Dexter Sugardoll dress in Aqua Cherries | Lavender & TwillBlog about vintage style for every day | Lavender & TwillBernie Dexter Sugardoll dress in Aqua Cherries | Lavender & TwillBernie Dexter Sugardoll dress in Aqua Cherries | Lavender & TwillBlog about vintage style for every day | Lavender & TwillRed gingham hair bow in a natural curl style | Lavender & TwillVintage style accessories with a scalloped belt and flowered blue purse | Lavender & TwillBlog about vintage style for every day | Lavender & TwillWearing a 1930's celluloide necklace | Lavender & TwillBernie Dexter Sugardoll dress in Aqua Cherries | Lavender & Twill

I’m so excited for this new year!

It does promise to be one of a upheaval, as we have plans that may see us moving back to Australia before the end of 2019. Although we are not at all sure when that will happen, I think we are all looking forwards to going home.

It’s not that we don’t enjoy living in Thailand still, as there are certainly things here that we really like and will really miss ~ I think it’s just that we are ready to move back. We have done what we set out to do, and we are getting to the stage where now we miss everyone back home, as well as our life there.

It’s been a grand adventure, but I guess missing Christmas back with our family has really hit home on how lonely it can be in a country where you don’t speak the language. I think we all have {but especially me} a good ol’ case of homesickness. Yes, we’ve met people we are friendly with {I’d call them acquaintances}, and we do have fun hanging out and chatting when we can, but you can’t really make friends easily.

I don’t think that’s necessarily the only reason we have for moving back though… We are also at the point in planning for the future where we’d either be committing to staying in Thailand for a much longer term, like five years or so, or we are coming back.

The long and the short of it is that we never wanted to make this overseas stay a permanent thing. Yes, we were open to it if it turned out that was something we really wanted as a family, but I don’t think that’s really happened. We’ve enjoyed our time here, but we haven’t really found an alternate home, if you know what I mean. We are so ready to move back.

It’s just time.

After a year and a half of our overseas adventure, it’s time to start the next one! While moving back to Australia might not look like an adventure on the surface, there’s definitely a lot of stuff coming up that will be keeping us on our toes.

Butttt, although that is where our minds are at presently, there is so much still up in the air as to when that might be happening! So we try to get on with it, and just figure out what we need to do in the meantime.

That seems to involve our usual weekly routines, like dressing everyone up on Sundays! We go out to Central Festival and have lunch at one of our favourite restaurants, either Panda Palace {not actually the name of the restaurant} or Sukishi {actually the name of the restaurant!}.

I wore this new-to-me Bernie Dexter dress a few weekends ago, and I’ve got to say, I am so obsessed. It was one of those ones that just make you feel special as soon as you put it on, like it’s total “end result of a movie makeover montage scene” moment. That’s when you know you really love something, when you feel like a million bucks wearing it…

The original cherry red belt was no longer with the dress when it came to me, but I substituted this cute scallop edged, shell-toned one instead ~ and made up for the lack of red with my 1930’s celluloid leaf necklace.

The necklace is a bit dusty and stained, even after a gentle wash, and a couple of the delicate spots have snapped. But you know how it is ~ you just can’t beat true vintage for those special details.

I was inspired by the gingham bow print fabric to wear a giant red gingham bow in my hair and I gotta say ~ I am into it. Hehe.

I don’t usually go for cherry prints ~ although I really adore cherries as they are my favourite fruit! I personally feel like they’ve become so ubiquitous to rockabilly and modern pinup {along with polka dots which I also don’t “do”} so much so, that no matter that they are found in vintage prints, I simply don’t like to wear them.

I had to make an exception for this dress however, as the gingham bow print is too perfect with the cherries and I really couldn’t resist! I’m glad I didn’t ~ I just love it!

Plus, how cute does my jelly purse look with this frock? I received a pink jelly purse for my birthday from the Mister, but when I was back at that shop later, I saw the blue one and knew it would go so well with so many dresses in my wardrobe that it came home with me too.

All in all, this ensemble is a totally eclectic mix of true vintage, modern pinup, and flat out high street-modern fashion, but I just don’t care. I love the look and that’s all that matters!



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Red Gingham Hair Bow | Star Avenue Market
1930’s Lacey Leaf Chain Necklace | FB Vintage Group
Bernie Dexter Sugar Doll dress in Aqua Cherries | BSS Group
Scalloped Shell Belt | Big C Extra
Blue Jelly Bean Purse | Pink Pvssy
Mint Heart Pinup Girl Heels | BSS Group

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