Wednesday, July 30, 2014

༺ Roll Onwards ༻

Love the caramel brown and spacious size of this purse | Lavender & Twill

 Shirt waist dresses are an easy, casual vintage look | Lavender & Twill

Pink gingham and cable knit sweaters | Lavender & Twill

Twirling in a pink dress ~ oh, yes! | Lavender & Twill

One last series of photographs from my own back yard for happy memories…
Yes, we’ve moved house!

Even though it’s only a half hour drive from our old blue house to our new white house, the transferral of all. of. the. stuff. still turned out to be quite a monumental job! Of course, winter influenza that has been dogging us for the last month has not helped one bit.

Howsoever, we’re finally somewhat settled into the new place now. It’s not quite home yet, {I still have soooo much organizing to do!} but we are enjoying exploring the new parks and the shorter distances to family around us.

And while my brain power is a little lacking from all the flurry and fluster, it is good to be able to pop back and check on things. I won’t promise a return to our regular programming just yet, but I do hope that soon the dust will settle and we’ll slip back into a comfortable routine. 



༺ ♡ ༻

Pink Pearl Hair Bow | Born Pretty
Sailor Me Away Cardigan | eBay
Sweet Gingham Vintage 50’s Dress | Etsy
Stone Cast Peonies Brooch | Gold Creek Square
Cream Skinny Belt | eBay
Jersey Caramel Scroll Purse | Oasap
Black Tights | Kmart
Hawthorn Heels | B.A.I.T. Footwear

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

༺ Currently: Tick Tock ༻

‘Currently’ posts are a little snapshot of the events that are occurring in my day-to-day life. These episodes feature photos from my Instagram, do come and say “Hi!” if you are around. Also, if you would like to participate in this feature yourself, please feel free! I’d love to read your posts, so don’t forget to leave a link.  ♡



My pony books. Of which, take up one and a half shelves on my bookcase, and so there are lots to read and enjoy! I adore the old school pony books and collect them avidly, and read them over and over again. It’s fun.

My favorite authors; Monica Edwards, Pullein-Thompson sisters, and Ruby Ferguson. ⁎*✧*⁎



When we’ll get to the snow! We’ve had the dump of a decade last weekend and my powder sense is tingling. I waannnnaaaaaa go boarding!



That sometimes the sun comes out and we have blue skies. Love that winter sun.



Salads ~ chicken, garden, Caesar. I’m chomping through the green stuff like it’s going out of style. Oh, and potatoes. Bowls of potatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper. Yum!



The Dragon Riders of Berk; and ah! Best movie ever ~ How To Train Your Dragon 2. Yup, been overdosing{if it’s possible??} on Toothless and Hiccup. Love it!



Um….. (¬_¬)  Nothing. Don’t have any energy. I am reserving it all for packing and moving.



Blue skies ~ when they actually appear! Oreo cookies with chocolate centers. Because all the chocolate! Midnight Fantasy perfume. Little Happy Stitches felt brooches. Online shopping. Fuzzy bunny slippers. Finally riding my horse again. Yay! Blogilates’ POP Pilates videos; these are seriously addictive and fun. A phone case for every outfit and hair bows to match. Well, not quite{!}, but I do like having a little collection to change up now and then. Playing indoor soccer again.



To just keep swimmin’, just keep swimmin’ ~ swimmin’ swimmin’ swimmin’…
‘ ‘٩(⁎^ᴗ^⁎)۶’’



To craft again. I have an itch to work with polymer clay and resin again. I need to get creative. 



Nothing. Nadda. Nope. Nothing at all. Except riding the pon-pon. So it’s all good. Actually, we are waiting to exchange on the house, so we are just hanging around for that really.


(‘Currently’ post inspired by Danielle of Sometimes Sweet’s feature and Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee!)



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