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Owner, Artist and Maker of Teacup Girl Brooches, Bonita Ellen Joy | Lavender & Twill

Dearest, Forget Me Not - Forget Me Nots Brooch by Teacup Girl | Lavender & TwillMushroom Munchies - Mushroom and Caterpillar brooch by Teacup Girl | Lavender & TwillOde to Autumn - Acorns and Oak Leaves brooch by Teacup Girl | Lavender & TwillRun Rabbit Run - Jackrabbit brooch by Teacup Girl | Lavender & TwillOwner, Artist and Maker of Teacup Girl Brooches, Bonita Ellen Joy | Lavender & Twill

If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you have well and truly heard this by now ~ but I still feel like I really have to make an official announcement on my blog as well!

I’ve been hinting at it long enough, and the day has finally come… We are launching our very own business ~ Teacup Girl!

Teacup Girl is an acrylic accessories brand where we handcraft wearable pieces of art to bring a touch of whimsy for your days.

It’s been one and half years in the making, one and half years of agonising over designs, colours, materials, packing, shipping methods, samples, tools, stock photographs, work stations, storage equipment, suppliers, and mistakes… Oh, the mistakes!!

You know that saying “You don’t get an omelette without breaking a few eggs?”

…There where many eggs.

And not all of them stayed in the basket…!

So to say that it has been a journey and a half would really not be an understatement. To be honest, I sort of feel like I’ve been through the gates of Mordor to the foot of Mt. Doom and back again!

There has been a ton of stuff to figure out, and I know that I absolutely have so much more ahead of me to learn. I feel like even though I have learned a lot, I’m really only just beginning ~ like I’m in the first semester of the first year of school, and have a whole education still in front of me to go.

I don’t mind learning new things, though I do struggle to keep a positive outlook on the mistakes. I can be very hard on myself, and I’m all too willing to label something that’s not gone the way I planned as a total failure and the absolute worst, most stupid decision ever.

But one of the most crucial mindsets an entrepreneur needs to have is that mistakes aren’t failures ~ they are an opportunity for learning.

Yes, plans don’t always {actually most of the time tbh ~ it’s only varying in degree as to how badly they don’t work out!!} work out the way you think they will, but now you know what doesn’t work so you can keep trying to find something that does!

This is a new way of thinking for me. I’m a grade A perfectionist and I absolutely hate things going wrong!

But I’m learning to breathe through it all, and view those times as another stepping stone forward. Because they are ~ you can’t go forwards if you don’t know what doesn’t work!

It has, without a doubt, been amazing to go through this process. I mean logically, you know that starting your own business is a lot of hard work and takes a long time, but then there’s the actual fact of going through the infinity of To Do lists, and the mountain of jobs that seem never ending… Then to arrive at the other side, at a point where you can say “Wow! Look how far we have gotten!'”

It’s just so unbelievable...!

I have been working towards the dream of creating and sharing my art ever since I was a teenager. So to me, it really feels like this launch is a day that has been seventeen long years in the making! It’s a monumental event for me, I can’t really describe how it feels to see a life-long dream begin to be realised…

It’s overwhelming.

It’s immense.

It’s the moment when you watch the sun rise, or a epic thunder storm roll away…

When you reach the top of the mountain.

Seventeen years of reaching for that dream ~ not just a year and a half since we decided as a family to start our own business creating whimsical acrylic accessories…

I’m so excited!

And nervous.

And eager to see where else this journey may take us!

I hope you will join us at, visit our Instagram at @teacup.girl, or come say hi in our Official Teacup Girl Facebook group.  I can’t wait to see you all there!!



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