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Red gingham sundress by Sisjuly Retro | Lavender & TwillSummer vintage & pinup style | Lavender & TwillSummer vintage & pinup style | Lavender & TwillVintage summer fashions | Lavender & TwillNatural curls and vintage style | Lavender & TwillRed gingham sundress by Sisjuly Retro | Lavender & TwillLight straw summer accessories for retro fashion | Lavender & TwillVintage summer fashions | Lavender & TwillThailand summer streets | Lavender & TwillVintage inspired summer fashions | Lavender & TwillVintage inspired summer fashions | Lavender & Twill

I think I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally found the perfect sunny weather style. This look really is my dream summertime ensemble!

The miniature roses, the sweet strawberry dangles on my straw purse, combined with chic wooden clogs ~ all these details add the finishing touches to my ideal red gingham dress. For me, it doesn’t get much more summer than this!

I’ve had the vague ideas of this look floating in my head for a while now, so it really felt great to finally put it all together. We wandered the streets of our Moo Baan after a long afternoon of shopping to find a picture perfect spot, and thankfully we had the road to ourselves.

We only just managed to sneak these photos in not long before we left Thailand, so they are a few weeks old already! It’s been a rather crazy year, and I really can’t believe it’s almost over… Eeek!

We have made it safely back, and now that we are finally over the jetlag; I can safely say that I’m definitely more acclimated to a tropical environment than I ever thought I would be…

You guys, Canberra is COLD! And grey. And cloudy. And it really makes me miss the gorgeous sunshine we had over in Thailand, like when we took these pictures!

However, one thing that I’ve bought back with me, and that I’m still enjoying very much ~ funnily enough ~ is my natural curly hair!

Quite a while ago I posted a picture on Instagram where my hair had gone pretty curly ~ almost to the point of an afro(!), or a Vogue editorial ~ and honestly, the response I got was quite astounding to me! I had people commenting on it left, right and centre ~ just about on every social media platform and I was shocked.

Everyone seemed to just love my natural curls! Even as wild and crazy and bouffy as they were that day. I mean, they were soooo fluffy! I would have firmly pegged it as a “bad hair day”! Yet, no one else seemed see it the same way.

So I got to thinking, maybe I should just roll with it and let my curls do their own thing? I wasn’t sure though, so polled it on Insta, and everyone was super positive about letting my curls run wild and free. {Yes, hair can totally run wild and free ~ the mane is unstoppable and untameable! It just wants to have fun and do it’s own thing… Haha!} And again, there where random supportive, and super positive comments all around the place from people I would NEVER have expected to chip in!

I was kind of overwhelmed, but ready to go for it. Since then, that’s what I’ve been aiming for ~ the curliest of curls I can possibly get!

It’s a bit strange, as I have been trying to tame, smooth, and flatten the mane for such a long time! I’ve worked hard on achieving a good pin curl set on my hair type over the last six years. To let it just do it’s thing feels very weird. But it seems like it was the right time for something new.

I feel like all these little changes I’ve been making since moving away at the beginning of this year has really transformed my style. And while I will always have a soft spot for a neatly defined pin curl set, I do have to admit ~ this natural mop is by far soooo much easier to achieve!

I’m not sure I’m even ready to go back to pin curls yet, but maybe in time I will revisit them. If I haven’t forgotten everything I have learned by then! Haha!



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Miniature Rose Hair Flowers | Chiang Mai Night Market
A Gingham Summer Dress | c/o Sisjuly
Palm Straw Purse | Chiang Mai Night Market
Black Strap Clogs | OPERA, Malaysia

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