Saturday, January 3, 2015

༺ Season’s Greetings ༻

Seasons Greetings _ L & T


Though it is late for the holidays, I still feel it would be remiss of me not wish everyone the best of the Season’s Greetings ~ a Merry Christmas for all and a very Happy New Year!


We have been particularly busy this Christmas season, and it has been lovely to have a few days of rest and respite before we really dive into the new year.  It has come up so quickly hasn’t it?

I don’t know, but expecting our newest family addition in early February has made it fly by that much faster I feel!

We did manage a little get away after Christmas to the tiny township of Khancoban in the New South Wales Alps this year.  It was very peaceful and beautiful out there and I enjoyed the quietness of it all very much ~ except when the wind was trying to blow our tents away!  That wasn’t very quiet at all! 

Did you go anywhere for your holidays? Which do you think is better ~ being away for Christmas or New Year?  Personally, I prefer a New Year holiday, and it’s starting to be a nice family tradition for us.  (*⌒∇⌒*)



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  1. Merry Christmas, and that is a beautiful card with the birds on it. :) Hope your tents are no worse for wear!

    1. Merry Christmas to you too and warm wishes for the New Year. :) Our tent was a little worse for wear ~ one of the poles shattered from the force of the wind. We managed to make do however, and were very glad it didn't rain at any point for the rest of our stay!



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