Wednesday, January 21, 2015

༺ Stroll The Laneway ༻

A stroll down the laneway | Lavender & Twill

New white and gold glasses frames | Lavender & Twill

A 38 week maternity look | Lavender & Twill

Satchel, vintage brooch and new frames | Lavender & Twill

Outfit posts are a little scarce at the moment, because I’m really not feeling the urge to pull together cohesive outfits. Then, if I do manage to do it, I usually don’t have the time to snap photos… 

Oh well, if this is the last outfit shoot before baby arrives, that’s ok too. Which, incidentally, could be at anytime now! We’re in week 38, so if I suddenly drop off the radar, you can all guess the reason why.  (^-^)

Today I took myself off to get a pre-baby hair cut, and I decided to go back to a Middy Plus length because my hair has been so flat and un-curly! It’s funny, I haven’t touched a straightening iron in months, but my hair looked like I’d been straightening every day for ages.  It’s the first time I’ve never had any curl at all and I had no idea what to do with it!  (◉ Д ◉) *le gasp* I told my hairdresser to lop it all off, and was so happy when my curl came back almost instantly.

I also bought some new glasses frames recently, but I’m not sure that the shape is “vintage” enough for me.  It’s kind of hard to say… I am never quite perfectly happy with any of the glasses I end up buying. I think I’m just super fussy and don’t really like how glasses look on me. 

But I do absolutely love the new-to-me vintage brooch that I received from my Vintage Secret Santa! The sparkly bow is topped off by a tiny, colourful bouquet ~ it’s so perfect. I think Jessica from Chronically Vintage did such a wonderful job organizing this Christmas gift exchange, and I had a lot of fun participating. Who wouldn’t enjoy shopping for vintage treasures to share? I know I did!

Did you participate in the vintage secret Santa gift exchange?  What was your most favourite thing that you bought to give away? I found a gorgeous wooden brooch that had hand painted daisies on it, and I really hope that my secret Santa recipient liked it as much as I did.  ( ´・ω・`) ~ ♡

Will you do the VSS next year?  I am planning too!



༺ ♡ ༻

White & Gold Chain Frames | Zenni Optical
Bouquet Bow Brooch | Gifted, Christmas 2014
Dear Daisy Blue Maternity Dress | Me Made, 2012
Pearl Heart Charm Bracelet | Proud’s, Current
Tan & Canvas Satchel Purse | E-Spirit, Old
Bow Lace Wedge | Modcloth, Old

༺ ♡ ༻

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  1. Lovely! I adore those glasses, and the curl in your hair is fantastic! My sister Brigid participated in the VSS last year, and adored what she received from her secret santa in Canada! I might consider doing it this year if Jessica hosts it again, but it's many months away so we'll see :)


    1. Thank you very much Charlotte!

      Yes, it is a while away and there is many a slip between cup and lip, so to speak ~ but I hope Jessica can host the VSS again. I would really like to be able to do if I can. :)

  2. Aww, this outfit is so refreshing and sweet. :) Where did you get that vintage maternity dress? I hear they're super hard to find. VSS was a huge hit with me this year, I'm definitely going to do it next year! I got an adorable medley of things, and I couldn't have been happier with it. I haven't gotten word of the recipient of my gift, but I'm not on instagram and her account is private so I can't tell whether she used the hashtag or not. I can hardly wait 'till next year when we can do it again! :D

    1. Actually, this dress is one of my me-mades from 2012, I made it to wear during my second pregnancy, and it's turned out to be quite a good staple for my maternity wardrobe. : )

      Oh, it's so cool how much fun everyone's had with the VSS ~ I'm excited to do it again as well!

  3. Your new specs are beautiful and very vintage appropriate to me. They're classic and very face flattering - definitely a win in my books.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you kindly Jessica! It always takes me a while to come around to new specs, so I'm glad you like them. It helps to know other people think they look alright too. ; )

  4. The glasses were the first thing I noticed - they look great!

    Katie Writes Stuff

    1. Aw, thanks! Like I said, I think I'm just really fussy about glasses.

  5. Your outfit is so cute! When I'm a mother, I want to be able to dress as stylishly as you! Oh, and the glasses look great on you!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

    1. Oh thank you Brigid :)

      It can be a challenge to dress vintage when expecting, but that's half the fun too. :D

  6. Sweet Bonita, you look lovely with this outfit. The glasses also suit you very well, but I can relate to what you say of not being totally happy about eye wear, because I always feel the same! I think I really don't like to wear glasses, that's the truth. It doesn't feel me! :o)

    I cannot believe that your baby is almost here! Showing the cute face. It's rather exciting! :)

    I hope I can participate on Santa's from our dear Jessica this current year. I think was a wonderful thing for everyone.


    1. Yes, I think that's mostly my problem. Although I've worn glasses for most of my teen years and all my adult life, I just can't get used to them on my face. : / Still, thank you for the sweet compliment. It does help to know that other people like your specs even if you don't. :D

      I can't believe baby is almost here either ~ it doesn't seem quite real, and I'm sure it will seem even more unreal once baby does come for a little while! It sure is a topsy-turvey time, but that's ok. We'll get through it and it will be fun to meet our little one. ❤

  7. Your hair is perfect! xx

  8. what a beautiful outfit!!!! love the dress so much! ... and your hair looks really beautiful!



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