Thursday, May 14, 2015

༺ Mother & Daughter: We ❤ Mother’s Day ༻

What vintage mamas get up to | Lavender & Twill

Vintage in pastels, white & lace | Lavender & Twill

Mama style with knit tops and circle skirts | Lavender & Twill

Mother and daughter enjoying the sun | Lavender & Twill

Circle skirts are easy and comfortable to wear | Lavender & Twill

My precious girls | Lavender & Twill

Following on from the awesome day we had Saturday, it was time to celebrate Mother’s Day with our extended family in Sydney.

My Grandmother and Grandad came to lunch with us and my Uncle, Aunt, and cousins ~ and I have to say, I think that’s really special. My children have two great grandparents to enjoy!  That’s also four generations of women on my mother’s side, which is pretty amazing.

We all got dressed up in pretty dresses, and yes, Charlotte was supposed dressed up in a pretty dress too! But she was sleeping, so she’s snuggled up in her spring time wrap that is a special gift from when she was born instead.

Despite the cooler autumn weather, spring time was the inspiration for these mother and daughter outfits, mostly because my new me-made skirt has a delightful pastel pink and lilac floral print on a mint background.  Yes, this circle skirt is actually my March “Sewing All The Things” make.  I really did make it in March, I swear!! It’s just that it’s taken me this long to get the photographs of it. (> o <)’ 

It doesn’t mark off any of my goals from the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge, as this pattern might be vintage, but it is self drafted and neither “a vintage sewing pattern, nor a reproduction vintage pattern”.  That’s alright though because pastel! Pockets! Gold buttons! All the fun things! (^ ε ^) ♡

Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day this year? I loved the chance to dress up in matching outfits with my daughters, as I probably won’t be able to con them into matching outfits when they are older.  Have you ever worn Mother & Daughter outfits before?  Would you do it now?



༺ ♡ ༻

Lacy Look Knit Top | Thrifted
China Doll Circle Skirt | Me Made, March 2015
Dragonfly Chain | Gift, Christmas 2009
Rose Garden Peep Toe Heels | Thrifted

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! You and your girls look lovely. This outfit is so delightfully "you"!

    Teacup is lucky enough to have two great-grandmothers around to know, and in fact, we are having lunch with my grandmother today. I remember my own great-grandmother very fondly, so I'm glad she might be able to as well.

    (Oh, and I would totally wear matching mother-daughter outfits. With *either* my daughter or my mother!)

  2. You all look so beautiful! I love that first shot of them hiding under your skirt - so sweet and funny. It's wonderful to see family incorporated into a pretty vintage shot; it just goes to show that you don't have to forget about style when you have children. I'm loving the color palette as well. It may be fall where you are, but you're fitting right in with my spring sensibilities!

  3. Hannah BatchelderMay 14, 2015 at 9:01 AM

    I LOVE that outfit! I really love the top. :) Great work on the skirt! With the hair and top, there's no need for it to be perfectly vintage in order for the whole look to be. And the best part was that the print looked like your daughter's dress. :) Ultra sweet.

  4. Thank you Tanith! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    It's so great that you have your Grandmothers around to be a great Grandmother to your daughter. The more I see how much my grandparents enjoy seeing my children, the more I love that they can be there to do that.

    Haha, me too as you can see! :P

  5. Oh, yes! I am all about mothers enjoying their own style, even with the children. Yes, it can be harder, but at the same time it's worth it if it helps you feel like you!

    And I'm glad the spring crossover worked. I was a bit like "Huh, I hope this isn't weird!" I love pastels and florals all year around, and so sometimes it's hard to drop them with the changes in season. It is tricky to work them into a cold weather wardrobe however!

  6. Thank you Hannah! Nope, I definitely agree ~ you don't need vintage clothing to look vintage if you want too! Sometimes stand-in vintage comes in really handy. :)

  7. How sublimely pretty! I especially love the photo where you're holding the hems out your skirt out and are back lit by the sun. That is absolutely gorgeous.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. If I had children you could bet I would involve them in my outfit posts - such adorable photos! And your outfit is beautiful - suits you so well. CC x

  9. Thank you Jessica, that's one of my favorites too! It's nice to be able to shoot in full sun; it took me a while to learn how, but now it's one of my favorite things to do. :)

  10. That would be so fun {and cute!} I bet. ;) Thank you Cici!

  11. Esther @ Dolly CreatesMay 19, 2015 at 12:13 AM

    Awwwww! The three of you look just lovely! I can't wait to have children one day to dress mother-daughter-style with! :) So precious!!

  12. One of the nice bonuses of having daughters is getting to dress them up, and play matchy-matchy! :D

  13. Beautiful photos, the light is lovely. I really like your skirt, such a good make. Your children are very cute!

  14. Thank you Kate-Em! I really am happy with this skirt, mostly because the fabric is so awesome. :P



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