Tuesday, May 12, 2015

༺ WoreSawHaul: A Sydney Vintage Gal Meet up ༻


OhMyGoodness you guys!!  This is me, Saturday past.  Yup, yours truly standing right next to Ellen from A Wild Tea Party and Nora from Nora Finds!!  *fangirl gush*  Ahem. So sorry…  I shall compose myself, I promise.

Really though, I do have a little bit of a good reason to be excited ~ it was my first real life blogger meet up!  (╯°□°)╯ I feel very privileged to get the opportunity to spend time with Nora before she moves over to the UK ~ especially because, to be honest, interacting with other vintage loving girls only happens online for me.

Yes, I was totally nervous {Sydney traffic making me late DID NOT HELP, neither did the fact that my dang petticoat would NOT sit neatly under my dress; and I didn’t have another one with me to wear instead, and I felt totally not-put-together because of it…. : / }, but Nora and Ellen were so friendly and lovely that it didn’t matter in the end.

And of course, we had to do all those things that bloggers do when they get together ~ this is so much fun btw!! It was great to be able to be all “Ooo, pretty pavers ~ I need to get a snap so I can Instagram it!” without having to do it on the sly so that you don’t get weird looks from your non-blogger friends. Haha!

Anyway, I thought I’d ramble on about my outing with a new series called “WoreSawHaul”  which is pretty self explanatory. It’s all about what I wore, what I saw and what I hauled ~ because you know that there is no way I’m going out exploring vintage shops without coming home with some pretties!  \ (*≧▽≦)ノ

So without further ado;


WSH_1  WSH_3

Thank you Nora for taking these photos!

༺ ♡ ༻

Vintage Crumpled Cream Hat | Love Vintage Fair, 2011
Daisy Garden 1950’s Vintage Dress | eBay
Triple Strand Pearl Set | Christmas Gift
Petticoat | Doris Designs Adult 26" Petticoat in Peach
Ivory Jelly Wedge Sandals | eBay

༺ ♡ ༻


Newtown!  Actually, King Street in Newtown, Sydney, specifically. We wandered up and down the street having a peek at any of the shops that caught our interest. 

The first shop we visited was The Vintage Drawer, which is owned by the lovely Deborah, and to whom I was introduced to by Nora {I swear she knows just about everyone in the vintage scene! So impressive}. 


~ This photo and the one at the beginning of this post is thanks to Nora again, and to Deborah who kindly took the snaps for us! ~

We browsed incredible dresses that were so drool worthy, tried some Bésame cosmetics and took selfies ~ DUH!  And then I proceeded to let my husband walk off with the camera in the stroller {along with the son and two daughters, he really is the best Mister ever!} so I have no photo evidence of any of the other shop stops…  D’oh!

I’m just going to have to tell you all about it instead. We visited a shop that had tons of kitschy, awesome stuff ~ jewellery, decor, clothes, etc ~ it was called Made 590. I made my first purchase there and spotted the cutest clock that I wanted for my office ~ it was a pony! 

We also visited an antiques and collectables shop and had a good giggle at some of the scandalous paperback-covers-come-posters that were there, and tried very hard not to bump anything with our petticoats {my petticoat was as wide as the aisle!}.

We stopped at a few others, the main one being Retrospec'd, where I just couldn’t help myself when I saw… Oh! But that would be spoiling the next part, so I’ll leave that bit for later.  (- ‿◕)

I will say that I instantly fell for the Freddie Knitted Top in antique {sage} green and have nefarious plans to add it, and the navy one, to my wardrobe. *insert grabby hands* Must have!  (> o <)


We went to Doughbox Diner for dinner, which was unbelievable ~ the food was amazing! You think you’re getting burgers and chips, but instead you are surprised with a popcorn bread basket, and a crepe cone! They are right when they warn you about the addictiveness of the food; the Avocado Bite I ordered was divine.

Of course, it was all over far too soon, but I had a really great time and I’m so glad I got to meet Ellen and Nora! (✿◠‿◠)

The story is still not quite over yet, because some very delightful little things found their way into my suitcase to be carried home!

༺ ♡ ༻



These beauties!  *squee!!*  I have been dying to try Bésame cosmetics for years ~ and I do mean years! I heard about Bésame when I first started wearing vintage, and back then they weren’t available in Australia at all. So when I came across their products at The Vintage Drawer I was determined to pick some up and finally experience the luxurious, elegant makeup for myself.

Then while we were at Retrospec’d, Erstwilder lured me into picking up not just one, but two of their sensational designs.  The cute resin bird and heart brooch I found at Made 590. It’s by The Moby Duck, a local company from Melbourne.


The red heart topped with the swooping pearlescent dove reminds me of those sweet celluloid vintage brooches, and it’s perfect for my winter wardrobe when it swings around to blacks and reds again. The sleeping mint green fox is too cunning for words ~ I’m smitten by the color and of course, the polka dots!  The flower on the right is a Waratah, a stunning native Australian flower. I love that it’s a subtle symbol that shows I’m proud to be Australian.


Bésame rouge in Crimson Cream. I was so tempted to go with the lipstick in Red Hot Red, as it looks like the perfect red ~ with that touch of coral undertone. I have one such lipstick in my collection, but I have been looking for another. 

However! The rouge wooed me in the end as I have one pink-y cream rouge, but no other blushes. Deborah gave a demonstration with Ellen as her model, and it looked so perfect. A natural rosy glow that had me sold.


Oh, and I almost forgot! I found my first nylon hair scarf! It’s not vintage, but I’m okay with that as it really is super sweet.  ( ^ _ ^)∠☆

Heheh, I didn’t take a photo of it with all the other stuff because I was wearing it in my hair and only remembered about it the very last minute before I stopped shooting. But I love the fluffy peach goodness, and yes, I’m wearing it right now as I type this post.

༺ ♡ ༻

If you’re exhausted after reading all that ~ don’t worry so am I! But it doesn’t quite stop there as we celebrated Mother’s Day on the Sunday following, so I’ll have a post about that later this week as well.  Whew!

Tell me though, what’s your favourite thing to do when you meet up with vintage or blogger {or both!} friends? I certainly don’t want this to be my last meet up! I am keen to hang out if there is anyone else who would like too ~ and any ideas for what we could do would be fun!



༺ ♡ ༻

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  1. You all look amazing! And I know the wrangling your petticoat probably wasn't much fun at the time, but I think the peek of frothy peach really works with the outfit. You all look super cute, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    I haven't done any blogger meetups yet, but it's on the list of things to do for this year! I'm a bit shy sometimes, so I'm not even sure how to set anything up...
    <3, Zella Maybe

  2. Thank you Jessica! :D I really did have a lovely time, it was so fun.

    Oh, I totally get that! I'm all "Uhhh, I really think hanging out withsuchandsuch would be awesome, but how do I do that?? Would they even have time to do that??" Etc! I think the thing is though, it never hurts to ask. After all, I guess the worst they can say is no, although I know for myself I probably never would say no because I'd be too excited to meet new people! :D

  3. Looks so fun! And I must say- I adore your hair in these photos!! Mine is getting on the long side by now, and our dreaded humidity is starting up so my attempts at curls are becoming more pathetic by the day. :-( Not sure what my game plan is for the summer, but it makes me admire beautifully curled hair all the more! :-)

    Your sweater is simply charming! Can I ask where you got it?

    And I loved seeing a glimpse of the rest of your family! I don't remember seeing many photos of them since I started following along, and it's always fun to get a bigger picture of what your life is like. :-)

    Lovely post- as always!

  4. Oh, you three are so darling! And your hair is perfection. :) I know exactly how you feel about that hair scarf, getting a vintage wardrobe "standard" like a first bakelite piece, or a first novelty pin. I just got my first bottle of setting lotion the other day and I'm so excited to try it! :P I don't know what it's like to meet a vintage blogger friend, but it must be so exciting. Actually, I might know more how it feels because I have started a blog. Here's the link if you're interested, it's too new to come up in search: http://musiccityhepkitten.wix.com/music-city-hepkitten Thank you dear, your posts are always refreshing and relaxing. :)

  5. It was a lottttt of fun meeting you! :)

  6. Thank you for your sweet comments Lily. ♡ ♡ ♡

    That in between stage can be so tricky ~ do you grow it out or chop it off again? All these questions and more! :)

    I'd love to help you out with the cardigan, unfortunately it's an old retail piece that I picked up quite a while ago. However, I know with your skills you could easily replicate it! It's just a plain cropped cardigan with seed pearls stitched in a random scatter all over the sleeves and the front of the bodice. {The back is plain} It's a really simple, yet effective style!

    No, I don't post many pictures of my family, mostly because I'm not sure whether I want to for privacy reasons and all. Especially considering that the children don't get much of a say in it as they don't even understand what's going on! However, I do have plans to do a "behind the scenes" post soon and yes, the family will feature heavily in that one! ;)

  7. Oh setting lotion! I don't have any of that yet, I think I manage to squeak by without it, but I totally know what you mean Hannah. Those vintage "firsts" are always so exciting!! :)

    And thank you for your lovely comments. ♡ I will pop over and check out your new blog! Congratulations by the way, new blogs are exciting as well. It's always nice to have new faces joining the community. :)))

  8. So lovely meeting you my dear! I do hope we will get to catch up again sometime! Kindred spirits and all that...

  9. I love the idea of going somewhere with people who are just as obsessed with Instagramming everything as I am ;) This looks like it was so much fun and I've followed Nora for a while - I can't imagine actually meeting her! How exciting. Very good haul too - I literally just got my hands on Red Hot Red for my birthday and I'd say you're guessing right that it's very much a RED with a warm hint to it. It's a bit more neutral than some of my other warm-toned reds though, in case that helps! CC x

  10. Gosh this looks like such a fun time! I've never met up with other vintage enthusiasts in real life, I think I'd be so overwhelmed with joy, and a little starstruck, if I ever did! I really love your petticoat peeking out the bottom of your dress, it's just so beautiful and the color really complements your complexion. Also, Besame's red hot red is a great shade, I can't say enough about their lipsticks in general-- such great quality.

  11. Kindred spirits indeed! I had such a great time, and it was really lovely to meet you too. We will definitely have to do it again sometime. :)

  12. XD Yes, it really is awesome!

    I really do like the sound of Red Hot Red, so I think it's definitely next on my lipstick wishlist. Plus, I've heard it has really good wearability. :)

  13. Oh, definitely starstruck! It's kind of hard not to be when you only really meet other vintage enthusiasts online; it's such a big thing meeting them in real life! But also so fun.

    Thank you, and I'm glad to hear about the Besame lipsticks; I am definitely planning to get one soon! :)

  14. What fun that day must have been! And you all look absolutely gorgeous! That dress of yours is just heaven *swoon*

    It's very cool that you got to meet up with other vintage bloggers too. I hope you are able to do many more. I worry about "encroaching" in asking others to meet up, but then I try to remind myself this isn't a 19th century novel and encroaching might not even be a real thing. :) On which note, maybe one day we could catch up :)

  15. Hahaha! Oh Tanith, that's so perfect!! You've got me sitting here giggling because that's exactly how I feel too! "encroaching" is THE word EXACTLY, yet like yourself it I have to remember that it ISN'T like those days, and we all know each other a bit better than what it sometimes seems like.

    Internet relationships may feel a bit funny, but they are relationships all the same. :D And yes, we should. I would like that very much. :) xx

  16. How awesomely lovely! Blogger meet-ups are the best! I wish there was an uber affordable airline (think along the lines of Ryan Air in Europe) for the whole world that would allow way more of us to meetup, that way we wouldn't be so happened by our respective locations in this vast planet of ours (a gal can wish!).

    ♥ Jessica

  17. Oh, can we ever! Australia is fairly isolated in that respect ~ it's hard to get over to the 'rest of the world' and as the years pass, I have more and more friends overseas that I'm dying to meet/catch up with!

  18. It sounds such a fun day, I think it would be amazing to meet up with other vintage bloggers. I enjoyed seeing your haul! Your outfit is so pretty, lovely dress and I like it paired with that hat.

  19. Thank you Kate-Em! I really like my hat, but don't get the chance to wear it all that often, so it was fun to pair it with this dress. :)

  20. Yay! I hoped you would know what I meant :) I sent you an email about pillbox hats :)

  21. Ooooh! Yes! I'm sooo sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you! I'll put that on the top of my to do list for tomorrow. (=>.<=)

  22. No rush at all - I totally know what it is like! (In fact, I'm the slowest replier I know...) I just thought I'd mention it in case it got lost!

  23. Hey Bonita, I just found your blog through Nora and Ellen and I'm loving it! Always good to find new vintage blogs to read and other lovely vintage ladies! x

  24. Thank you Emma! It's great to have you stop by. Nora and Ellen are very sweet vintage friends of mine and it really has been a pleasure meeting them.



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