Tuesday, October 6, 2015

༺ Lavender & Lola ༻

My favourite 1950's vintage look | Lavender & Twill

A special 1950's outfit in lavender & white | Lavender & Twill

Lavender ruffles and white accents | Lavender & Twill

A quintessential 1950's vintage style | Lavender & Twill

"Lola" White wicker and Lucite purse "Tropical" brand from Florida, USA | Lavender & Twill

Vintage fashion in lavender | Lavender & Twill

A quintessintial 1950's look ~ complete with heels, hat and gloves | Lavender & Twill

Her name was Lola/she was a showgirl…

Here’s the thing ~ I don’t know why, but I have a habit of naming inanimate objects. I can’t seem to help it, it’s something I’ve always done.

My first car was a Ford Laser called Sir BoB J. Biggles. The next one ~ ‘The Rex’ ~ was the Mister’s Subaru WRX Sportsclub 3 {I married him for the car don’tcha know? :P } and we now have an X-Trail named Freddie. My sewing machine is Bobbi the Bernina, and my overlocker is Ella the Elna.
All of my children’s toys need their own special monikers, so yes, this happens… A lot!

Therefore, it stands to reason that when the most wonderful Mister in the world purchased the most amazing Lucite and wicker purse of my dreams as a “Just because” gift for me, I naturally had to find a name for her! She looked like a Lola, she felt like a Lola ~ so thus, she became Lola.

Lola was a key part of this special outfit I put together for the Sydney Fifties Fair. Yes, the one that sadly got washed out. These are the preview photos that I had talked about in my post about the Fair day. The idea here was to do an outfit test to:

a. make sure I had everything I needed and

b. make sure I didn’t have to get outfit photos on the day in case I didn’t have time or a place to do it. 

As previously mentioned, I did end up wearing a less complete version of this outfit the day I was in Sydney. The way things worked out I didn’t have time to get dressed in everything, and frankly, I couldn’t be bothered wearing my gloves, etc, if they were just going to get dirty and I’d have to wash them later! White is a pretty color, but it is such a pain to keep clean.
(-  。 -)'

I also ended up wearing the flats that I had bought with me in case it was muddy and raining…  Ironic, but they did fair me better for a whole day of trotting around the pavements of Newtown than my new stiletto heels would have!

All in all, I do have to say that this is probably one of my most favourite of all the outfits that I have worn ~ the lavender and white are so pretty together, and this was such a fun look to pull together that I enjoyed every single minute of wearing it!  (•ᵕ ᴗ ᵕ•)❀

Speaking of favourites though ~ what’s your favourite inanimate object to give a name too?  I think I tend to name a lot of big machines, very special items, and dresses ~ the latter seems to be solely a blogger quirk. I’m sure I never did it before my blogging days! What about you?



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Beaded 1950s Pancake Hat | eBay
Violet Starburst Vintage Milk Glass Earrings | eBay
1950’s BonBon Ruffle Vintage Dress | eBay
Starburst Vintage Milk Glass Necklace | eBay
White Belt {came with another dress} | eBay
Vintage Daisy Gloves | Thrifted
“Lola” 1950’s Vintage Lucite and Wicker Handbag | Etsy
Repro Fully Fashioned Stockings | Old Stock, What Katie Did
Snow White Peep Toe Heels | Light In The Box

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