Thursday, January 25, 2018

༺ To St. Andrew’s Square ༻

St. Andrew's Square, Sydney, Australia | Lavender & TwillEasy summer vintage style | Lavender & Twill
Sundresses and hair flowers for retro fashion | Lavender & TwillSundresses and hair flowers for retro fashion | Lavender & TwillSt Andrew's Square, Sydney | Lavender & TwillEasy summer vintage style | Lavender & TwillEasy summer vintage style | Lavender & TwillSundresses and hair flowers for retro fashion | Lavender & TwillSundresses and hair flowers for retro fashion | Lavender & TwillSundresses and hair flowers for retro fashion | Lavender & Twill

I know it’s taking me half a century to post these days, but hey! That’s life sometimes!

I’ve been “gifted” with all the colds and flues I missed out on this winter, {thanks Canberra crud…} so between that and trying to spend all the time with friends and family that I can, I have just been away from it all, even Instagram!! *le gasp!* (ô □ ô)

We took these pictures back in November when the Mister and I spent some time in Sydney. He was there for work and I was there for fun… Hehe! His work paid for a gorgeous hotel room right in the city, and we really enjoyed the time away. I loved the night time outlook over the city lights!

It’s kind of funny because I never really thought of myself as much of a city person, but over the last few years I’ve really come to appreciate all the things you get to enjoy in a busy, bustling city. There is certainly something unique to being in the middle of all that hustle, something that is vibrant and fun.

Sure, when it comes to day to day life, I am all for a great suburb with access to a lot of nature {and horses and bush and reserves and parks} and all that good stuff, but I really, really do enjoy a holiday in a big city. It’s a very refreshing change of pace.

And the buildings! Oh, the architecture… *swoon* Finding interesting buildings and places to see, it’s one of my favourite things to do. When I spot an interesting architectural design, or a beautiful piece of wall art, or décor ~ I get a thrill prickling down my spine just like I’ve uncovered a vintage treasure in a thrift shop.

It’s totally as awesome as putting together a fully realized outfit ~ just like this one!

I really adore how the lavender and tan paired together in this ensemble. The whole look is created with the perfect pieces for my style, and I am so into every. single. thing. in this outfit. The soft colour palette is my absolute favourite, it creates such a nice summery look ~ especially when combined with the bold violet purple and cardamom yellow of the pansies in my hair.

I’ve kind of made it my one of my goals to add more shades of purple to my wardrobe. I love violet, lavender and lilac, and I really wish I had more purple to wear! I’ll be keeping an eye out as much as I can, but I think I’ve made a good start with the addition of this Pinup Girl sundress.

Only, whyyyyy doesn’t it have pockets??


I’m am never more disappointed in a dress than when it doesn’t have pockets. Yeah, it bites if it doesn’t fit right, and it’s annoying if it creeps down while you wear it, or refuses to fasten properly, but the saddest thing is a complete lack of pockets if you ask me.

Especially when that’s the simplest problem to fix.

I mean, I purchased this dress second hand, but I know the price range that it was originally in, and boy oh boy, I would have been bummed if I had paid full price only to find that it had no pockets! I think that my Review cocktail dress that I posted about a long time ago has set a high standard, haha!

Is it just me though? Are pockets something you look for in your dresses and skirts? What is the one thing you need to have in your clothing to make it super wearable?

Basically I rate anything in my wardrobe with decent pockets as the best thing ever. If the clothing doesn’t have good, deep pockets, or any pockets at all, I am far less likely to pull it out and wear it. Pockets win all the time. That is all.



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Pansy Hair Flowers | Daisy Jean Floral Designs
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Vintage Ralph Lauren Canvas Purse | EBay
Summer Tan Wedges | French Blu via Zulily

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