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༺ Nothing Gold Can Stay ༻

Wearing a true vintage, 1950s ensemble | Lavender & TwillWearing a true vintage, 1950s ensemble | Lavender & TwillShades of green and blue 50s novelty print | Lavender & TwillShades of green and blue 50s novelty print | Lavender & TwillTrue vintage accessories paired with a modern take on vintage penny loafer shoes | Lavender & TwillWearing a true vintage, 1950s ensemble | Lavender & TwillShades of green and blue 50s novelty print | Lavender & TwillWearing a true vintage, 1950s ensemble | Lavender & Twill

“Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.”  - Robert Frost

As February ends, this year keeps tumbling rapidly on. Our six week stay in Australia has extended to three months, but will be even longer before we finally leave.

On one hand, it is strange to slip back into old routines and familiar comforts. Nothing changes, everything feels the same. It’s home.

And yet, as the leaves already begin melting from green to gold, I have to keep reminding myself that we aren’t staying. We aren’t back for good ~ we will be leaving as soon as we possibly can to go back to our house in Chiang Mai.

Already the memories of Thailand are fading as we are caught up in the whirl of day to day living here. So then you have to go through the process of steeling yourself up for the change all over again. It was supposed to be a quick holiday. But I guess the longer we stay, the harder it is to leave.

Not that we don’t want to go back! We are all getting a little homesick for Thailand and our house! But it feels a little bit like uprooting our lives again. And that process is always a little nerve-wracking and painful.

I am glad that I get to see a bit of autumn before we fly away. Autumn is probably my most favourite season in Canberra. The leaves are brilliant as they turn to their scarlet, caramel, and cardamom hues, and the days are brisk but warm. It’s crisp, and there are lovely splashes of colour around every corner.

I am particularly pleased with how well this dress matched the Poplar trees that are on the cusp of turning golden. Every year I want to take all the pictures with all the leaves, and this print was perfect for a not-quite-almost-autumn shoot.

The late 50s frock I’m wearing is pretty much the only true vintage dress that I’ve bought in well over a year, and is one of the very few that fit me at the moment {out of a very stuffed closet… I’m so sad I can’t wear my vintage…}. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but recently finding vintage that works for me has been very difficult with all the changes in my body due to my health. 

I have been so excited to wear this dress though! When I put it on, I forget about all those troubles, and it is good. I love that little thrill you get when you slip on a vintage piece that is over 50 years old and it fits like it was made for you. Such a special moment.

I don’t usually go for the warm blue and green tones, but I really adore how this ensemble came together. I just need a pair of green shoes and gloves to match {and possibly a green belt? I thought I had one, but maybe I stupidly gave it away…} and I can really go all matchy-matchy with that clover green!

In the meantime, I think the tan shoes and belt with the green hat and purse created a nice autumn look. I’d also love to see this dress with navy accessories for a more wintery vibe. For a print, which you would think would be limited for styling, there are tons of ensemble ideas to try! 

I’m kind of tempted to bring the dress with me to Thailand, but I’m worried the humidity might wreck the fabric. Has anyone had, or know of, experiences of bringing vintage into tropical environments? Our house is air-conditioned, so it’s not like it will be stored in the humidity, but I definitely wouldn’t want to take the risk of wrecking it… What do you think? 



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