Wednesday, April 4, 2018

༺ Winds of Change ༻

A 1940s spring look | Lavender & TwillBy Lake Tuggeranong, Canberra | Lavender & TwillA 1940s spring look | Lavender & TwillA 1940s spring look | Lavender & Twill1940's lipstick shade Victory Red by Besame Cosmetics | Lavender & TwillA 1940s spring look | Lavender & TwillA 1940s spring look | Lavender & TwillReverse carved lucite rose brooch details | Lavender & TwillA 1940s spring look | Lavender & Twill

Before you call me crazy ~ yes, I know it’s not spring in Australia… I know… The cool breezes and changing leaves really are hard to miss. Regardless, here I am with my best spring-inspired ensemble!

We went to Lake Tuggeranong last Friday to take some family photos, and honestly, I had no idea that it'd be such a good day for taking pictures. It was 1 o’clock when we arrived, and I haven’t shot at mid-day in a very long time… Scary!

I thought we’d either be able to make the pictures work or not at all! I was fully prepared to take one test snap and have to leave it for another time because it would not be possible. Thankfully, the sun had just dropped down far enough in the sky, and was sitting in the perfect position behind this lovely avenue of trees, which made for a perfect backdrop.

Trees do look pretty, but the dappled shadows they create can make it a challenge to take photos with them. If the shade and light spots hit in the right places it looks amazing, but if they don’t, they are a nightmare because of the high contrasting areas in close proximity! You just can’t do anything with that in Photoshop. Trust me ~ been there, pulled my hair out over that…

But I didn’t need to do that this time, whoo! I was so excited!

However, I’m sure you are all here for the ensemble, not the photography rambles…

So I have to mention that I’ve just had another about-face with my style.

It was only the other day I posted to Instagram how I’ve been wearing lots of different red outfits all summer. Red was the colour of choice ~  though heavily in rotation with navy blue ~ but suddenly with the change of the seasons, I’m dreaming all about pastels again. I’m probably picking up on the pretty blossom ambience from the northern hemisphere!

Also, it was Easter. So why not…!

I wanted to put on a hat and some matching gloves to create a little more of an authentic 40s look, but wouldn’t you know, I packed away my gloves and I really couldn’t find them no matter how hard I searched.

So I went with flowers in my hair and left it at that.

To match the flowers, I pulled out my favourite rainbow ribbon wicker handbag. The handles are unfortunately looking worse for wear ~ oh, why aren’t things made to last? I’m going to have to replace them, so I will try to look for a nice pair of vintage lucite handles to do that with. I hope it will work.

My vintage brooch, which is from the 40s, has lasted better than this purse! But it’s modern, so I guess that’s not so surprising…

I was super glad to finally add a reverse carved lucite brooch to my collection. I think these really are the prettiest kind of vintage brooch I’ve ever seen, and so completely indicative of that era. You know how some vintage pieces are just so timeless that you can’t always tell when they are from? It happens so much with vintage jewellery I feel, that I really love just once in a while having something that looks super old as soon as you see it. Plus, roses will always and forever be a favourite of mine.

Thankfully, there are roses in autumn and in spring, so I can enjoy them both times! All the roses and all the pastels. Do you love wearing pastels in spring time as much as I do, or are you looking forwards to other spring changes?



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Cherry Blossom & Pink Rose Bouquet Hair Flowers | Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Baby Pink Rose Lucite Brooch | 1940s Vintage
Vintage White Eyelet Picnic Blouse | Retromania, Paddington
Spring Celebration Skirt | Me Made, 2016
Rainbow Be Ribboned Handbag | Forever New, 2012
Heartbreaker Shoes | Miss L Fire

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