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༺ Stitching Stories: Loop the Loop ༻

Butterick Retro Pattern B5748 | Lavender & TwillButterick Retro Pattern B5748 | Lavender & TwillButterick Retro Pattern B5748 | Lavender & TwillStraw Boater Hats for summer, vintage style | Lavender & TwillButterick Retro Pattern B5748 | Lavender & TwillButterick Retro Pattern B5748 | Lavender & TwillButterick Retro Pattern B5748 | Lavender & TwillStraw Boater Hats for summer, vintage style | Lavender & TwillButterick Retro Pattern B5748 | Lavender & Twill

Oh my goodness ~ I knew it has been a long time since I last did a Stitching Stories, but over a year and a half? Wow…

I guess it does make sense, we were so busy packing at the beginning of 2017 that I didn’t have a lick of time spare for any hobbies at all. When we got back for Christmas at the end of November, it wasn’t long until I was sitting down and doing some sewing at my Mom’s machine. I finished two dresses over Christmas ~ this one, and another. But I haven’t had a chance to post about until now.

The dress I’m wearing in this post was supposed to be my Christmas dress {didn’t finish it in time} and a wearable toile test for Butterick Retro Pattern B5748. I’ve had trouble with Butterick patterns fitting me properly before, so even though this was a simple pattern, I was determined to try and make sure it fitted perfectly beforehand.

I added a FBA, added extra seam allowance as the finished measurements of the size 14 I cut were 36B and 28W. Now, I hadn’t measured myself recently {and this is actually a good thing..!} but I knew for certain I was NOT a 28W!

I did the math and added the extra inches I thought I’d need and sewed up the bodice. It seemed to fit okay, but the skirt wasn’t on yet, so I couldn’t really tell. Once I put the skirt on it was clear to me that the bodice was wayyyyy too big! So glad I didn’t try to add even extra for my new measurements!

To make it wearable, I ended up making a series of darts and inside tucks to pinch out ALL the excess fabric I’d put in. Unfortunately, I’d already hand sewn my bias binding trim on around the neckline and armscyes. This meant that they all ended up with visible seams in the binding. Poo.

I had to take a big chunk out of the middle of the bodice, the back and the shoulders. And in the end, I also took more in at the waist seam to get the waist seam up a little higher! This was tricky as I did it after inserting my zipper.

Overall, the dress doesn’t fit as well as I’d like, it has some bunching issues under the arms, and it also likes to drop down at the front, which pushes the shoulder seams forward and the extra fabric bunches under my bust. I think this is actually the fault of too much fabric at the back. I have a slight sway back, and if there was any adjustment that I really needed it was a SBA.

Still, the dress is super lightweight and comfortable. The length and the simplicity of the cut and fabric make it really easy to wear so I was actually wearing it a TON over the summer.

But one thing was still bothering me… I’d added the bow at the neckline when making the dress ~ mostly because I’d had to do that interior tuck right up the middle of the bodice and I needed to camouflage the subsequent seam in the bias binding ~ but it wasn’t enough.

The rest of the dress looked so bare, I knew I had to do something about it. So just a week or so ago, I decided to add decorations to the pockets! I ended up with a loop-the-loop design with a bow at each end, and I really love, love, love it!

It doesn’t make the dress too fussy, but just adds that touch of something special. I was so pleased when I finally figured out what I needed to finish it off.   

I have discovered I really do need to sew more basic clothing. I’m always drawn to all the fiddly patterns and all the fussy prints ~ and while I adore the intricacy of creating a detailed dress, I tend up “saving” those ones for special outings. I kept on pulling this one out over and over and over again because I loved how easy it was to wear! Whereas the second dress {which this one was the toile for…} yes, it has been sitting in the cupboard waiting for a special occasion to wear it! D’oh…

That one might not come out until much later on… Hehe…

~ Project Details ~

  • Year: Retro re-print from the 60s
  • Pattern: Butterick Retro B5748
  • Fabric: From my mother’s stash – a super sheer lightweight poly-cotton, red and white striped.
  • Notions: Red bias binding, red satin tubing, and a zip.
  • Time to complete: I can’t remember. The sewing on the machine didn’t take long at all, it was the hand sewing that really added the time. I hand sewed the bias trim, the hem, and the pocket detail.
  • Make again? Yes! I already have! And I want to make some other versions playing with the bodice style. I really enjoy how easy this one is to sew, and once I figured out the fit issues, I loved the fit.
  • Wear again? Absolutely. This one is coming with me to Thailand. I love it.
  • Total Cost:  Not sure. Maybe $15.00? Thanks Mummy for the fabric!



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