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༺ How to DIY a 1940’s Crochet Snood ༻

DIY a 1940's Crochet Snood | Lavender & Twill

For some time now I’ve been eyeing off various gorgeous hairstyles around the place that have involved lovely snoods, like this one, or this one, but I have hemed and hawed about purchasing one for myself.  The ease of popping one on and waltzing out the door for the day is very tempting for a busy vintage mother, the only problem ~ $16.00 or more seemed like a lot to spend on one snood.

I decided to whip out my Google fingers and see what I could turn up, and et voilà!  I present to you the “Perky Snood” pattern.   A vintage 1940’s crochet snood pattern for a medium sized snood. 

Original Vintage 1940s Perky Snood Pattern - free download | Lavender & Twill

~ Download free snood pattern here ~

The pattern is very simple, but calls for a long treble crochet stitch which is rather old fashioned, and not used all that frequently these days.  Here are the instructions on how to do the stitch:

Long Treble Crochet (long tr.) -  YO 3 times before inserting the hook into the work, YO and draw through 2 loops on the hook 4 times.

Decreasing Long Treble Crochet (dec. long tr.) - YO 3 times, insert hook in next long tr. and YO. Take off  2 loops 3 times in succession, leaving 2 loops on the hook. YO 3 times, insert hook in work (6 loops on hook), YO, take off 2 loops, 3 times in succession, YO and take off 3 loops at once.

Yarn Over -  YO

Now, I have to warn you that although I found this pattern easy to get the hang of in terms of stitches, it doesn’t seem to be easy to put together the right sized hook and yarn ply to create a large enough snood.  I actually repeated this pattern three times before I finally turned out a snood that was large enough to wear!

Here are my notes so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did.

Snood tests | Lavender & Twill

~  Second snood on the left compared with the third snood on the right.  The first one was even smaller, can you believe!  More like a bun net than anything else…  ~

First I tried using a small 1.50mm hook that I thought the pattern called for, and the yarn to match.  That turned out all wrong ~ it was far too small.  So was the next one, with a larger 4.00mm hook and the yarn to match.  I looked like I was wearing a lunch lady’s hair net rather than a snood!  So then I went back to my original yarn, which was actually 2 ply cotton, with the 4.00mm hook, and somehow that worked.

I still think that the pattern ended up a little shorter than what I would have preferred, but in this case it is ok, because my hair is quite short at the moment and won’t really suit anything longer.  If you want a longer snood, simply add more rows in the middle before you start your decreases and you will be all set!

Last, but not least ~ here’s the finished results in action:

A vintage reproduction snood | Lavender & Twill
Me made 1940s vintage snood | Lavender & Twill 

Remember to swatch your work, as the gauge is crucial to sizing, and enjoy your snood making!   ヾ(^∇^)

DIY a 1940's Crochet Snood | Lavender & Twill



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