Tuesday, June 21, 2016

༺ Sunshine Paradise ༻

1950's inspired beach fashion at Surfers Paradise | Lavender & Twill

1950's inspired beach fashion at Surfers Paradise | Lavender & Twill

Lady K Loves Two Piece Seersucker Set | Lavender & Twill

Surfer's Paradise Beach | Lavender & Twill

1950's inspired beach fashion at Surfers Paradise | Lavender & Twill

Lady K Loves Two Piece Seersucker Set | Lavender & Twill

Oh, this day was such a perfect day!

The sun, the sand, the surf ~ there’s nothing better for an Australian summer holiday, especially on these golden beaches. Naturally, while I was up at the Gold Coast with Harlow Darling and my sister, we went to Surfer’s Paradise Beach to spend some time hanging out in the sunshine.

It’s a popular spot, so there were lots of people around, and I’m sure at least some would have been wondering who was the crazy chick dancing around in the surf taking photos, but eh… Life of a blogger right??!

After the lazy, sun kissed morning at the beach, we decided that some food was certainly in order, so we walked down to the QT Hotel which is just a block or two away. Boy, oh boy ~ the food was delicious! We had Mexican, and the yummiest tropical cocktails in the cutest tiki tumblers!

Unfortunately, the end of lunch also signalled the end of my little holiday ~ we had to say a fond farewell to Harlow and zip back to my sisters home… Oh, boy! You should have seen me run! Haha! ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ

I’d tried to pack in the morning, but really there wasn’t much time, or much that I could actually put away. So when we got home I flew into a whirl wind of packing and craziness, and changing into warmer clothing for the flight home. We made it with fifteen minutes to shape ~ {yay! We were worried for a bit there!} and obviously I got home safely. Very tired, but very happy to have such a lovely time with my friends. It’s always a good thing to make memories with people you care about. ❀❤❀

This Lady K Loves seersucker two piece set was really the perfect beach outfit though! I’d ordered the matching blouse and skirt at the tail end of this summer season, and when it came I knew that I wanted to snap it at a beach. I hadn’t had that chance and it was suddenly the end of autumn! I resigned myself to waiting until next summer to wear it, when lo and behold… Yep! The Gold Coast trip happened, so into the extremely over-stuffed suitcase it went.

What I really loved about wearing it to the beach was the chance to style this set with a super casual look. Sometimes I feel like there’s a standard of ‘dressed up’ that my vintage outfits have to reach in order to be on the authentic side {which I do like to try for most of the time}, so it’s fun to pull together a ‘casual’ look once in a while. Annnd then you realise that your casual look can still be pretty darn dressed up; comparatively! Hat ~ good sun protection, matching sunglasses ~ fairly standard I suppose, and… a brooch? To the beach??  Haha!!

Well, anyway, I felt super relaxed and casual, and that’s all the really counts in the end I think! And yes, seersucker is the perfect summer fabric. I need more in my wardrobe, I really do. Cotton is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but for a lightweight, breathable fabric that is fairly nearly crush proof ~ you really can’t beat seersucker. I had to iron everything else from my suitcase, but not this!! (•̀o•́)ง✧

I do just want to ask though ~ for the sake of a good holiday photo, how crazy have you gone? Snaps in crowded locations? Sitting on the edge of a cliff or lookout?  Sneaky pics in the *gasp* art gallery?

{Actually ~ side note, last time I was in France you were allowed to take photos in the museums and galleries {yes, even in the Louvre!} and it was actually really cool! Except that you couldn’t really see the Mona Lisa at all due to the amount of flashes in the protective glass casing… Haha! I laughed and moved on as there were many other amazing paintings and artworks to see besides that one.}



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