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How quickly the spring brings blossoms to bud! All the trees are bursting with glorious colour, although our fickle Canberra weather likes to remind us every other day that winter is not quite ready to say goodbye just yet ~ we are still enjoying occasional days of glorious sun. I am also particularly enjoying the posies of dainty flowers peeping their shy heads up all over the place. They are welcoming the warmth of the sun, and so are we!  (✿◡‿◡)੭✧*。

It was fitting that the first weekend of September was a busy one of celebrations ~ I decided to sew up a celebrating~spring~and~blossoming~things skirt, and wear it to the parties we were attending, two in one afternoon. Whew!

I went with Butterick 5926, a vintage pattern I hadn’t sewn up before. I’m not actually sure what drew me to pick this pattern, but I think it was the slender,  late1940’s look about about, and the patch pockets! {I found out later that it was from 1951 ~ so not actually 40s, but close enough for me. (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)} This is my second make for the Vintage Pattern Pledge 2016, and I’m so glad it went smoothly.

Butterick 5926 - a 1951 vintage pattern | Lavender & Twill~ See? The best ~ patch pockets!! Also, isn’t the blouse perfectly dreamy? The pattern for that wasn’t included, but I sure wish it was! ~ 

I was actually a little surprised that the skirt went together so easily, but it was a total relief to me as you might remember that my last Butterick make was an absolute disaster{I wanted to burn that dress for those that don’t know}!

I added extra inches to the pattern pieces when cutting it out, as my pattern was a touch too small. It was a lazy hack, and not very scientific to eyeball it like that, but it worked out beautifully. It’s a simple make, but one that made me so happy when I put it on that I think it’s become an instant favourite. My inner little girl gave a squee and a spin when I felt it fluttering delicately about. I just love that feeling, and bias cuts do it so well! 

Then I got to give the skirt a perfect first outing, as we had a picnic lunch and after that, a birthday dance to attend. Let me tell you, it’s a lovely dancing skirt. We danced some fantastic historical dances {my favourite ~ along with Scottish and bush dances!} and it spun and twirled just like you want.

I kind of had this vision of pairing it with a white peasant blouse and large straw hat, only to find on the day that I didn’t really have the right white top to go with it. But this peach one worked perfectly, so I decided that would do. I’m glad it did go so well, as I feel the different tone adds an interesting dimension to the ensemble. Plus, I get to save the white top idea for another day, so you know… ✧٩(•́⌄ - ́๑)

~ Project Details ~

  • Year: 1951  
  • Pattern: Vintage Butterick 5926 {there has since been a different release with this same number for a jacket pattern}
  • Fabric: 2 and a half-ish meters of thrifted poly-cotton sheet.
  • Notions: One pastel pink pearlescent button, and a pink zip 
  • Time to complete: Two days-ish. I cut my fabric on Thursday afternoon, sewed it up Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon & evening, and finished handpicking the hem Sunday morning.  
  • Make again? I definitely think so ~ this skirt is cut on the bias, and I really love how it moves. It’s not the fullest skirt ever, which means it’s economical on fabric, but the cut is fluttery enough to make my wanna-be princess self super happy. Plus, giant pockets forever.  ❤︎꒰ ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ *꒱.*˚‧
  • Wear again? For sure! I’m super sad that I managed to mark it on it’s first outing so it’s going in the wash asap, and I can’t wait to try out variations of looks with it.
  • Total Cost:  All from the stash, so totally free right?? Haha, no ~ ‘coz I paid for most of the stash items at some point! I think the sheet set would have been about $10.00 and the zipper $2.50. Considering I still have over half of the sheet fabric left, we will say maybe $5.50 in total?



༺ ♡ ༻

1950s Pleated Halo Hat | Ooh La La!
Pink Peony Hair Flower | Dollar Shop
Deeply Pink Vintage Brooch & Earring Set | Gift from my sweet friend, A Wild Tea Party 
80s-does-40s Peach Hearts Blouse | The Braided Bandit
Blush Pink Vintage Gloves | eBay
Spring Celebration Skirt | Me Made, 2016
Blossom Jelly Wedge Sandals | eBay

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