Monday, September 30, 2019

༺ Currently: Full Steam ༻

‘Currently’ posts are a series of memoirs, featuring snapshots of events that are occurring in my day-to-day journey. These episodes feature photos from my Instagram, do come and say “Hi!” if you are around. ♡

Gingerbread | Lavender & Twill


I don’t really have time to read… But I always come back to Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere sagas for an absorbing universe of fantastical adventures. 

Lavender | Lavender & Twill


I have managed to have a spare moment or two for wondering if we will make it through the process of purchasing a house in a relatively smooth way or not at all!

It’s been a journey, as it is with most any decision of that magnitude, and I’m looking forwards to it being over so we can truly start to settle in. There have been more than a few houses that we’ve looked at, and the puzzle of figuring out what we really want and what we can live without is always a bit… fun. Plus, living in a house sit with a family of five is an adventure all of it’s own, and not one I’d particularly recommend. There’s just no room! *ahem*

… Translation - we have a lot of stuff.

Cherry Blossom | Lavender & Twill


That we might have found ourselves a house to live!

1940s handbag | Lavender & Twill


Coffee, coffee, and more coffeeeeeeeee…

Miss L Fire | Lavender & Twill


Big Bang Theory. I’m a decade behind the trend, but eh.

Accessories | Lavender & Twill


Finding a house, buying a house, rehoming my horse, setting up Teacup Girl for Australian production, our first release back here in Australia ~ Autumn Days, our next release slated for October ~ Galaxy Dreams, Christmas, kombucha, and all of everything else that needs to happen... It’s going to be an insanely busy end of year for us. 

Autumn Days Collection 2019 by Teacup Girl | Lavender & Twill


Friends. Coffee. Organizational systems. The wisteria over the deck. Sunshine and walks to the local shops. Gum trees and the refreshing scent of eucalyptus after the rain, as there is nothing else quite like it… Spring. Doing my nails ~ for some reason that has been super satisfying currently. Baths. My most favourite thing of all ~ working on samples and seeing new designs come to life! Um, did I mention coffee? Yah…

Rosie Lovebird by Teacup Girl | Lavender & Twill


To get through the end of this year without physically and mentally wrecking myself. I’m not gonna lie, moving back has been exhausting, and I think it’s taking me a while to recover. Plus, I keep getting colds and flue bugs, as well as with all the work I’m trying to stay on top of ~ my body is super sore and tight at the moment. It’s been a whole thing.

Purple Rain | Lavender & Twill


To finish buying the house, find a new home for Copper, to ride my horse again as it’s been almost two years now since I’ve last ridden and I’m not  okay with that… It’s been the longest I’ve ever gone without riding since I was twelve! I’d also really like things to go smoothly over the next two months, but I might just be dreaming. I guess we will see…

Winter knitting | Lavender & Twill


All the work. Everything for Teacup Girl is just go-go-go at the moment. Trying to push the business back up and running after being on hiatus since March is proving to be tough. But I sort of expected that, so I’ve just gotta keep moving on ~ full steam ahead.

Mister Patterpaws the Red Squirrel brooch by Teacup Girl | Lavender & Twill



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