Thursday, February 6, 2014

~ My Life List ~

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Inspired by Carrie Anne, from Little Big, a life list is just like a bucket list. I’ve had my own bucket list for a while now, but what I liked about Carrie Anne’s Life List is how she updates it and crosses things off on an annual basis!

This seems like such a good idea to me; to re-evaluate and update your life goals, as well as working towards actually completing some of them. So here’s is my revised bucket Life List.

    ~ Bonita’s Life List cira 2014 ~

  • Publish a book

  • Learn another language

  • Ride a cow, an elephant, a camel and a hot air balloon

  • Sky dive

  • Travel to Japan

  • Snowboard in Canada

  • Ride a horse on a beach

  • Learn how to kick a soccer ball harder and more accurately

  • Learn how to sew pants

  • Achieve my Riding Instructor’s certifications

  • Get my small business up and running

  • Become a lady of grace

What I am doing to achieve this:

Well, some of these goals have to wait. We need money, or the timing is all wrong, but I am working on the first goal and will hopefully be able to tick that one off before the end of the year. Yay! (≧ ∀ ≦ ) ♡。゚.*

Also, I will be working on the sewing pants thing ~ that ties into my small business goal. Isn’t it fun when you can work on two things at once!

Do you have a bucket list? Or life goals? I’d love to hear if you have special achievements you are proud of, or things you would like to do.



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