Tuesday, February 11, 2014

~ With Flowers In My Hair ~

This Lindy Bop dress is perfect for running around in | Lavender & Twill

1940's style with a flower crown; love it | Lavender & Twill

Color palette - teal with splashes of coral, red and watermelon | Lavender & Twill

Swing dance, dress dance | Lavender & Twill

I have never understood the song lyrics “I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair” because since when do puck rockers wear flowers in their hair? Gel, spiky things, or dye streaks yes, but flowers? ╮(- o -)╭ *shrug*

I have discovered, however, flower crowns work perfectly for a early 1940’s look. I found this coral and white wreath at a thrift shop and simply couldn’t leave it behind, and today I found an outfit to wear it with!

This teal dress has coral-ly pink polka dots and bright pink flower-shaped buttons, as well as a belt that ties at the back. It’s one of the brightest/most saturated colored clothing item in my wardrobe ~ unless you count my red tops and shoes. I usually pick out pastel or more neutral colors for summer wear, so I feel very conspicuous in this bright dress, but it’s quite comfortable and the style is very flattering so I have been wearing a lot anyway.  °(^ᴥ^)°

Paired with my watermelon, rainbow glitter, floral jelly wedges {yes, such awesomeness actually exists in the form of one pair of shoes! (♡▽♡) ~ ❤!} and I have an outfit I am re-wearing constantly. I only wish I could have half-a-dozen of these dresses in different colorways so I can repeat this look in a variety of shades.

What about your color style? Bright colors or pastels for summer wear? Do you change preferences as the seasons change? I know I do; my preferred wardrobe palette consists of jewel tones for winter, and pastels for summer. Which do you favor?



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Coral & White Flower Crown | Thrifted
Lindy Bop ‘Ionia’ Swing Dress | eBay
Watermelon Jelly Wedges | eBay

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  1. Colour is a huge part of my world and wardrobe. I do tend to gravitate towards seasonal palettes as one chapter of the year turns into the next, but whether in January or July, there are certain shades (dusty rose, cocoa brown, navy blue, true and garnet red, eggplant, mint green, and mustard yellow, for example) that never stray from heavy rotation.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Mmm, blue, red are always in my wardrobe in some form or another! I am adding quite a bit of white these days as well. I must say that dusty rose, mint green and garnet/true red are some of my favourite colors. :)



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