Monday, February 3, 2014

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Light floral dresses for summer weather | Lavender & Twill

A simple structured shoulder and A-line skirt provide a lovely 1940's silhouette | Lavender & Twill 
To complete a 40's look, a sleek styled updo is a must | Lavender & Twill

Pink and cream spectator wedgies to match the soft pastel print of the dress | Lavender & Twill

Recently I’ve been so tired that I just feel like I am rambling on, and on, and on, and ~ well, you know. We have been in the middle of a rather spectacular heat wave which has seen the thermostat wavering between 36°C-40°C {which I believe is around 96.8°F to 104°F}.

With no air-conditioning, and no insulation for our fibro walls, this results in over 40°C temperatures inside the house. Turning our living quarters into an oven makes sleeping a doubtful proposition, let along getting in the required eight hours that I seem to need!

So I am stumbling around in a fog, with a zombie-fried brain that seems to like rambling…….

…..(「・Д・)「 *arraggh*

And when I get tired enough, I get “sleep-drunk”. This is a random stage of being half awake and half asleep which has me acting like I am drunk {or drugged!} ~ slurring my words, as well as giggling uncontrollably and discoursing in an extremely random manner!

The Mister finds this amusing, which at least is some benefit to being exhausted. Meanwhile, I think this post might be suffering from some of these sleepy side-effects… So I will finish off with a random question ~ what are some of your habits when you are tired? Do you have any funny things that happen? Or are you sensible and just go to sleep on time? ヾ(^∇^)



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White Lace Flower Hair Clip | Equip
Pastel Floral 40’s Shirtwaist | Etsy
Shoes | B.A.I.T. Ione in Rose

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  1. Sweet dear, I'm sorry that you've been contending with such sky high temperatures. Though most people associate Canada with being cold and snowy, and that it is for half the year indeed, we often get sweltering summers, too, especially in the region where we live and were up that high for a while this past summer, too (and at various other times over the years). It's a memory I won't soon forget (nor will I forget the warmest I've been, at least 44C during an insanely hot heat wave when we were living in Toronto several years ago).

    Please try to do whatever you can to stay a little colder and rest, rest, rest - it's so easy to burn out in that kind of sizzling heat.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. 44*C! Ouch! That is insanely hot. It is surprising to me, because, yes, I do think of Canada as being snowy and cold. We have hardly any snow at all in Australia, and you kind of just think that it's because we are hotter over all, but this is clearly not the case. :D



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