Wednesday, July 1, 2015

༺ How To Make Pastel Colored Bobby Pins ༻


Hello Lovelies! I have another simple DIY tutorial for you that produces some very cute hair accessories, so let’s get right to it shall we? 

DIY Your Own Colored Bobby Pins | Lavender & Twill    
Supplies needed:

  • Clean bobby pins/hair grips ~ preferably new ones
  • Pretty nail polishes in your choice of colors  ~  I used Mode Cosmetics – Cool As, Maybelline Express Finish – Passing By Pink, BYS Nail Enamel – 05 Light Purple, N.Y.C. Color – Lemon
  • Some cardboard or paper

DIY Your Own Colored Bobby Pins | Lavender & Twill

Step 1:  Arrange your bobby pins on the cardboard and make sure there is paper underneath them to catch any extra spills.

DIY Your Own Colored Bobby Pins | Lavender & Twill

Step 2:  Carefully paint along the top of the individual bobby pins using your nail polish.  Be careful not to put too much polish on the brush or it will puddle over the side of the bobby pins.

DIY Your Own Colored Bobby Pins | Lavender & Twill

Step 3:  Rinse and repeat as often as you like!

Top Tip
:  It is better to use a thicker nail polish for this DIY than a thin one, as you not only get better coverage, but it’s also easier to paint neatly so that you don’t get puddles of excess polish everywhere!

DIY Your Own Colored Bobby Pins | Lavender & Twill

Step 4: Double coat your bobby pins to cover up any see-through spots.  When you are happy with how they look, very carefully move any bobby pins that are sitting in puddles of polish so that they don’t stick when dry and ruin the paint job when you take them off the cardboard.

DIY Your Own Colored Bobby Pins | Lavender & Twill

Allow your bobby pins to dry over night and then enjoy wearing your new pretty accessories in your hair!  (= ᵔ ᴗ ᵔ)  ~ ♥




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  1. Ok, even I could do this one! Finally, a craft tutorial I can do ;) x

  2. I love this idea! I'm getting to a hair length where I'm reaching for my bobby pins all the time, I'll have to give this a try.

  3. Completely fun tutorial!!! I remember making these (and nail polish painted hair clips) circa middle school. They're so fun, cute and easy. Thank you for the reminder to whip up a bunch again. You post the loveliest how-tos!

    ♥ Jessica



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