Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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Vintage 1950's sailor dress in a toile print | Lavender & Twill

1950's vintage style for winter | Lavender & Twill

Navy and burgendy love | Lavender & Twill

Vintage winter warmth with accessories; gloves and thick stockings | Lavender & Twill

Wearing vintage for every occasion | Lavender & Twill

Talking about behind the scenes…. I was so cold during this outfit shoot my nose is red in all of these pictures!  °(◕ o ◕)°

Winter is truly upon us. Besides battling the chilly air, I was loosing light as fast as I could take the photos. The cold wintery frost has really snuck up on me!

I keep thinking that it must be warmer than it really is outside ~ I’m not sure why, because autumn got cold pretty quickly this year, and was over by the first month. Maybe the weather has sustained that cooler autumn temperature for longer?  Who knows…

What I do know is that I really wish I had more thermal stockings to wear with all my dresses and skirts!

I have a few pairs of thicker tights that are simply worn to death because they just aren’t that popular in Australia, and naturally, they are hard to find.

However, I was glad to pull out these particular navy stockings because they kept my legs warm enough, as well as matching my dress so perfectly! 

This new-to-me vintage 1950’s dress is actually the one that I bought from Stephanie of The Girl with the Star Spangled Heart during her wardrobe blog sale, along with the Freddie’s jeans that I posted about before.

It has a darling sailor collar {which I forgot to get a shot of from behind! D’oh…}, a stunning pleated skirt that is very full, and I believe the fabric is a really nice sateen cotton. It certainly feels good when you touch it, all smooth and soft, but with a really nice, quality weight to it. It makes me want to try sewing my own dress out of sateen cotton; I could just pick this dress up and pet it like a kitten!  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

On top of all that, the navy print is a toile scene ~ harvesting the fruit trees in an orchard. It’s so pretty, particularly against the taupe background. So, yes, new favourite winter dress for sure.

Argh, and I just realised that I totally forgot about the felt navy hat that’s been sitting in my wardrobe waiting for the right outfit to wear it with!  (> o <)’  Double D’oh!! Oh well, another outfit, another day right?! 

Do you like toile prints?  I have a dress and a light bed throw made out of toile fabric, but I’m always thinking I could collect more. A chair perhaps, or maybe some wallpaper?  : P

And to all my vintage friends from the colder countries ~ what are your suggestions for finding some thicker tights?  Can I get some shipped down under?  I know it’s not winter right now for you all in the northern hemisphere, but any tips or tricks you have for keeping warm while wearing dresses in winter, I’d love to hear them!



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Rhinestone and Tortoiseshell Bow Clip | Chemist Warehouse
Vintage Romantic Cameo Brooch | Thrifted
Vintage 1950’s Bringing In The Harvest Sailor Dress | Blog Sale
Vintage Navy Wrist Gloves | eBay
Vintage Navy Seeded Handbag | eBay
Navy Tights | Kmart, ‘15
Berry Well Oxford Pumps |  Modcloth, Old

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  1. Well done for persevering in the cold - I know that feeling all too well! The photos are lovely so it was well worth it. I couldn't have gotten through last winter without fleece-lined tights, but they're not that common even over here. I've mainly found them in Primark which is no good to you and Marks & Spencer - who may ship internationally but are a British brand. If I were you I'd get on Google and do a search for some - they are so toasty :) x

  2. I LOVE TOILE!!! It is one of those tricky fabrics that does make one think of upholstery or curtails - but I think the right print can look amazing. I love everything about this outfit, especially the wintry navy and berry shades. And of course the gorgeous location! Beautiful blog post as always :)

  3. Hmm... Thanks Cici! I would have thought that things like fleece lined stockings would be common over in places like the UK, so I'm a bit surprised about that. eBay sounds like my best bet then. :D

  4. I am so with you ~ I love the look of china blue or red toile print on white fabric, but I feel that's very reminiscent of furnishing. What I like about this fabric is that I think the taupe background color take the toile print from curtains to fashion with ease. :)

    Thank you Harlow. xxx

  5. That light - so crisp and honey, elegant and inviting brings this gorgeous dress to life all the more and suddenly makes me long for autumn again.

    What a fantastic series of photos and outfit. The whole timeless setting is perfection.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I madly adore toile prints - I even have a cute little toile fabric teddy bear that I bought as a teenager and have managed to hold onto through many, many moves over the years to this very day.

  6. I love the colors of this dress, but I admit I am distracted by those amazing heels! They are so darling! I definitely know the struggle of keeping warm while wearing dresses in winter. Here in Colorado I usually get by with tights sold by Target called "sweater tights" which are basically just thicker tights. I also have a thick wool coat that is quite long, past my knees, which makes a big difference! I seriously think vintage coats were just made with thicker/warmer wool as mine keeps me much warmer than my other modern coat!

  7. So fabulous! That dress looks simply amazing on you, and I love your shoes!


  8. wardrobe experienceJune 24, 2015 at 4:56 AM

    This outfit is just a dream! Love it!


  9. Oh, I know what you mean. I purchased my first vintage woolen coat {in summer!} and I've been wearing it a few times recently. It really is so much warmer than any other coat I've had. :)

    I have a few pairs {three?} of sweater tights myself, but like I said, I'm wearing them to death because they are the only ones I have and I haven't been able to find more! I'm still so surprised there aren't more of the thick tights in colder countries!

  10. Thank you Jessica! Sometimes the setting sun does work in your favor. :P

    And your teddy bear sounds so awesome Jessica! A toile bear! I love it! (>_<)

  11. You look lovely! Despite any issues that you might have had while shooting, I think you look like a dream. The golden light is beautiful here.
    I love the dress, and I absolutely know the feeling of thinking of the perfect accessory just after you finish shooting the outfit. Even without the hat, this looks great! The navy and red accessories work really well with this, setting it off without distracting from the pretty toile print.

  12. I know right?! I've heard a lot of people are buying their winter coats in the US and getting them shipped over here simply because the winter coat offerings in Australia are either not warm enough, or ugly. Not warm enough is a big problem, particularly if you are in Canberra! Brrr!

  13. You look so lovely! I love how you put the whole outfit together. I'm so sorry about the cold weather! I live in Southern California so I'm spoiled when it comes to that.

    xo, Serli

  14. Thank you Jessica! I really like this color combo myself ~ navy, red and taupe make a great winter-y color palette so I've discovered! :D

  15. Oh, yes! I hear the weather is lovely Southern Cali; nice for horseriding all year round. :P

  16. That dress looks lovely on you Bonita! Oh, and isn't cotton sateen a dream? And it is so easy to sew with too!

    As far as winter leg-wear, I don't know if they ship to Australia, but https://www.warmlegwear.com has some really nice options! I received some of their wool socks from my Mom & Dad for Christmas, and they are some of THE BEST socks I have ever owned! I am really keen on getting some of their tights for this winter.

  17. Cotton sateen does feel so dreamy, I really want to sew with some now! I need to find some first however.

    Thank you so much for the link Brigid; I'm excited to check out their products. Anything to keep warm! :)

  18. Lovely dress, I really like the shape of it. I like a toile print too. Have you seen the ones done by a Scottish Brand called Timorous Beasties? They are a bit risqué but very clever!

  19. I haven't seen those... Sounds dangerous! :P



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