Wednesday, June 17, 2015

༺ Mother & Daughter: Lilac Sprinkle ༻

Reproduction 1950's dress by Top Runway | Lavender & Twill

1950's vintage style in lilac and black | Lavender & Twill

Mama's 1950s vintage style complete with cute baby! | Lavender & Twill

Vintage style for baby and mother | Lavender & Twill

Little Miss Lottie, 3 months old | Lavender & Twill

It must come as no surprise, but every time I see this photo of Charlotte’s beaming smile it makes me giggle! Of course, when I realised we were wearing matching outfits, I did what any good blogger does and was all “Eeep! Outfit photo time!”.  My baby girl is so beautiful, and is growing bigger and bigger every time I blink, so I am glad I took a moment to get these pictures. ❤

Time flies by so fast, but somehow I’m managing to finish up a few projects here and there ~ my studio website is ready to go live after many months {years? I really can’t remember!} of work and waiting, so I’m excited for that.

Another project that I just wrapped this week after hours of woe and frustration, not to mention refilming{!} ~ is a introduction video for my YouTube channel. I have been meaning to get one up for ages, and finally did it!  w00t! (ง •̀_•́)ง ☆

As you can see, this wonderful lilac 1950’s reproduction dress sure has been busy sashaying about. In the last month I’ve worn it to two dedications, church, and for both the videos I filmed {one of which was no good due to lighting issues, but oh well}.

It was a Christmas present from my parents in 2013, and I really do enjoy wearing it. It was custom made for me, and tailored so professionally. It was the Selena dress that I ordered, and while I desperately wanted it in the original fabric, a delicious golden beige color, unfortunately it was out of stock, so I settled for the lilac instead.


I’ve been really pleased with it, and every time I wear it, someone compliments me on how pretty it is. The fit is really spot on, and the sewing is neatly done.

Also, I asked for pockets in the skirt and working buttons on the bodice, and they did that for me with no extra charge, which I thought was very generous. At some point I think I would like to order another bespoke dress from the maker ~  Top Runway. They are actually on eBay and you might have already come across them if you were looking for vintage reproduction on eBay at all.

I can highly recommend working with them. I found that they really did everything they could to make sure your dress is the way you order it, plus their prices are extremely reasonable for a custom made dress. My dress was $120.00 AUD, which is roughly $90.00 USD, and came with free shipping to boot!

Have you ever ordered a bespoke dress? What would be your dream dress to create?  I know I’d love to have a ruby or violet velvet 1940’s evening gown someday and if I can’t find a vintage one, I might just have it made for me! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ



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Midnight Hair Bow | Best & Less, Old
Lilac Sprinkle 1950’s Bespoke Selena Dress | Top Runway
Midnight Vintage Gloves | eBay
Ebony Woven Basket Purse | Thrifted
Tippety-Tup Mary Jane Heels | Payless, Old

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Discloser |  I am not affiliated with Top Runway in any way; I was given this product as a gift and chose to do a review because I like it.


  1. I feel like I never guess what any blogger is going to sound like!! I love your voice, you're so cute :) I purposefully don't talk in my videos because I dislike mine so much and can't bear watching it back! I've never ordered a bespoke dress before but oh how I want to... Yours is so pretty as well. It's usually the cost that puts me off, no other reason in the world... CC x

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Cuteness overload!! You look absolutely gorgeous, and I love your dress! Mother-daughter photos are the best. :)

  3. Even if it wasn't your first choice, the lilac is really pretty on you! It's a great dress, the skirt on your version looks fuller and even prettier than the model's. Adorable photos too, they would look just like 1950's snapshots if they were in black and white!

  4. I'm the same! I guess I always 'hear' the blogger in my head, in some sudo American-British-Australian type accent and then they always sound so completely different to what I imagined!

    It's a shock at first, but later I like it 'coz I start reading the blog in their real voice; not the fake one in my head. :P

    The cost can be crazy but at $100 or so USD for this dress, I was impressed. Good repo can be twice that or more, and isn't made to order!

    Haha, I guess I should have mentioned the price in my review?

  5. Totally! I think they are so fun for getting some more 'official' type family photos too. If only I could forced the children to sit still for longer and smile!... (> U <)

  6. Thank you Bianca! I have been quite won over by the lilac. It's not a color that features heavily in my wardrobe, but I love the dresses I do have in that shade, and I'd quite like to add more if I can find them! :D

  7. Oh my goodness! What a lovely dress, photoset, woman, and mother/daughter duo! Great post! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  8. the pictures of your lavender dress totally made me smile and think that once again I need to do more vintage...but when I saw your sweet Charlotte smiling that toothless baby smile....Le face cracked under the smile that spread all over my face! She is darling!!!!

    I have been awarded this award and would like to pass it on to you!

    Beauty from Ashes

  9. You look positively smashing! The dress is so lovely, and I adore your hair! :-) Charlotte is just so cute as well! :-) These mother-daughter pictures are so sweet- I'm sure Charlotte will treasure them in the future. :-)

  10. Thank you Lauren, I had fun taking these photos. :)

  11. I'm sure any vintage you do will be as stunning as your historical costumes Gina, it will be fun to see what you decide to do. :)

  12. Ooohh, this dress is a true vision of loveliness on you, dear Bonita. You could easily make lilac your signature hue, if so desired, because it is positively radiant on you. What a special treat to see that you have a new YouTube video. I really want to get back into making them again, too, and to (health permitting) put up more again on a relatively frequent basis. Seeing your new vid here has inspired me to try and make that happen even more.

    Tons of hugs & joyful weekend wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  13. You are just too stunning and this dress is so perfect for you! Charlotte is looking so grown up, and absolutely adorable too :)

  14. Hmm, that's an idea I will have to ponder! I haven't discovered my signature hue yet, and perhaps lilac could be it... Thanks Jessica!

    Also, I hope you do get to do some videos, I always enjoying watching vintage blogger videos! :) I have been inspired a lot by Cici and the Boyer sisters. Xxx

  15. Thank you Tanith! She really is my big-little girl! :D

  16. wardrobe experienceJune 24, 2015 at 4:58 AM

    Lovely mumma and lovely tiny little lady!!!!

  17. She is tiny, but getting bigger every time I blink ~ they grow so fast. :)

  18. Such beautiful pictures, you look lovely in this dress. Very nice to have one made for you. Great pictures of your baby too, so cute!

  19. Thank you Kate-Em! I love those pictures of Charlotte, they are so sweet, and it's lovely to have them. :D



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