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༺ May Showers ༻

1940's inspired autumn fashion | Lavender & Twill?;.

Hell Bunny Emilie Dress in Aubergine | Lavender & Twill

Tulip Bouquet, Beauteous Blossoms Collection from Erstwilder & Miss Victory Violet | Lavender & Twill

Hell Bunny Emilie Dress in Aubergine | Lavender & Twill

1940's inspired autumn fashion | Lavender & Twill

Tulip Bouquet, Beauteous Blossoms Collection from Erstwilder & Miss Victory Violet | Lavender & Twill

Hell Bunny Emilie Dress in Aubergine | Lavender & Twill

May showers are supposed to bring April flowers, but I think I’d be satisfied with snowflakes instead! Old Man Winter is banging at our door this week ~ we’ve had really strong winds, and icy cold days that belie the bright sunshine streaming in through the windows.

It was soooo windy when I wore this outfit, my skirt was trying to flip up over my head and fly off, and my hat threatened to leave for the next state! Σ꒰๑• д •๑꒱

I had two hat pins in, but I’ll be honest ~ I haven’t used hat pins before so it seems likely that my technique was lacking. Also, the hat pins seemed really short to me… Only two or so inches long at most ~ I felt like they could have a stronger hold if they were longer? I think I’ll be keeping my eye out for some really stabby ones to help my chapeau stay more securely in place despite gusty weather!

I also had to scrap my plan on the location I’d picked to shoot this look, it was far too windy ~ pretty much everywhere! Instead, we managed to find this little pathway tucked between houses that was relatively sheltered. I’m glad I’ve learned that I really don’t like taking photos in the wind, because I could avoid that problem from the start and work without the extra stress! Haha…

All that aside, I did enjoy wearing this ensemble {despite almost flashing everyone at church my underwear on several occasions! (๑o̴̶ ﹏o̴̶ ๑)″}. This violet vision is summer purchase that I’ve been waiting to wear for a while now ~ can you believe it’s a Hell Bunny repro? It’s the Emilie dress in Aubergine, and I do believe it’s the best 1940’s reproduction garment I’ve come across so far.

The fabric is a gorgeous crepe, with a really nice weighty hand to it, so it drapes beautifully. Also, the details of cut and style, while simple, really echo common themes found in 1940’s fashion designs. The cap kimono sleeves, the bust detailing with the sweet buttons, and the length of the skirt ~ everything just feels so spot on. It’s hard to find repro that feels like vintage {but with the added bonus of sturdy fabric and seams!} so I was really pleased to see the high quality, and excellent make this dress turned out to have.

The perfect touch to finish off my outfit though ~ this darling Tulip Bouquet brooch! Delicate pearlescent hues of fuchsia and fresh mint combine in this dainty cluster of tulips, and I found the brooch really popped against a background of deep violet. It is part of Erstwilder’s new collection in collaboration with Miss Victory Violet ~ Beauteous Blossoms. As you’d expect there is a delightful array of stunning blossoms and flowers in this release, with ten designs in necklace, earring, and of course, brooch form.

All of the colours in the pieces are so vibrant and spring-like. They could just about be the April flowers for our May showers ~ a lovely splash of colour come those dreary winter days that are speedily approaching.  (•ᵕ ᴗ ᵕ•)❀

Have you seen the new Erstwilder collection? Which piece is your favourite? And also, if you have any other 1940’s Hell Bunny recommendations ~ let me know! I’m eager to expand my 40s repro wardrobe …٩(•́⌄•́๑)و



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Vintage Two-Tone Saucer Hat | eBay
Jade Drop Earrings | Ladies Market, Hong Kong ‘08
Emilie Dress in Aubergine | Natasha Marie Clothing
Tulip Bouquet Brooch | c/o Erstwilder
Vintage Crochet Gloves | Antique Centre
Vintage Tooled Leather Texas Rose Handbag | Frock Up Fair, ‘11
Harrow Oxford in Nude | B.A.I.T. Footwear, Old

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